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Tuesday, 22 November 2005

Scratch Perverts showcase

Dirtee Stank and Scartch Perverts

This night was big; I got to admit I was only there for the main room sets. The line up was Sway featuring Pyrelli and Biggz. Not forgetting the Scratch Perverts and emcee Dynamite, plus the massive Dirtee Stank showcase.

Dizzee was very big, he did his thing, a little was missing, the crowd was live but not as hype as I thought they would be. I was expecting to get a sidewinder style set from Dizzee, some real gully material. But Dizzee seems to have moved on and his style is much bigger and more professional. The mix of garage, concept and hip hop was crafty. Full marks to Semtex who kept the vibes bubbling all night.

Semtex defiantly educated the masses by mixing some dirty south, west and east coast and some concept style beats. The pictures tell a good story but to get the full story you had to be there. People queued for hours and still did not get in. Does sardine can mean anything to you? Well it must have been like that when the crowd’s final dissolved into the club…

I have to thank the XL recording press department for the hook up, (cheers Steve) although it would have been great to get some exclusive time with the rascal. Instead we managed to catch up with Jammer and also Stanza from Scandalous Unlimited. Jammer has just touched back down in the country that day, not sure exactly where from because the music was too loud. Stanzas collective is about the shake up the whole game with a Mixtape the eye of the tiger. The vibes are dangerous and you will hear a load of artists that should have bussed ages ago. If you want to clue your self up go and cop the renegade boys “the interview” and the second edition of run the roads for the Dynasty track. Also check the Dynasty boys on Shystie’s new drama called “Dubplate Drama”….

So that the “Eye Of The Tiger Volume One CD Compilation” and breaking the rules. Watch out for “maths an English” from the Rascal which will be dropping mid spring or summertime 06. I can’t wait for the 06 season to kick in. I think everyone is calming down and preparing for news years and Christmas, and it’s usually quiet up until March when we get the WMC…

But the scene here does not ever seem to sleep, the game keeps moving at a blistering rate. Sways blistering “up your speed” got a good response, as did “flo fashion”. Check the pics for more action. Biggz came on and made people say “cor blimey” and pyrelli did his thing when sway sat back and chilled with thoughts of his recent mobo.

The scratch perverts were on point as always, and we got to give them props all the way for putting on the night itself, all I got to say is please sir can I have some more.. Hopefully we should be able to hook up some words from the rascal and his new signings so the squad, if you don’t catch it here then wait for it in the Westminster smoke magazine.


p.s. check out the pictures above and below

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