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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

more on this story coming soon....

Finding your feet Fashion Show

Finding Your feet

making a selfless contribution to communities, identifying positive role models, creating opportunities and building futures for young people…

The 'finding your feet' fashion show aims to be a youth-led project. Essentially we want to raise money for the Diana Award (reg charity 1117288) so that they can implement some of the wonderful projects they have available and recognize the achievements of inspirational young people across the country.

We want to showcase and promote budding designers alongside those who are already established to generate new opportunities for the designers. With this concept in mind we hope to create an exciting and fun launch evening, whereby the audience can identify with the fashion show as a new inspirational way of showcasing British fashion culture subsequently creating their own fashion shows in different universities under the same brand name.

Tickets are at a small price of 25 pounds to be a part of this special event at Movida on the 4th of November - check out the facebook event...

Drake Ft. Trey Songz - Successful (Official Music Video)

i Feel U Drake... I suppose...



Kirk Originals....

Today I was very lucky to meet with the force that makes Kirk Originals such as uber cool brand. On the top floor of a members club tucked away from the hustle bustle of Oxford street I was introduced in person to the blinding range of eyewear... (see what I did there)

The colours are mostly very striking, in some places retro, some pastels, some metalics, some glitters... Very eyecatching (see what I did there). The range can be found online of course but also in Covent Garden.

The most important thing is that Starrich will be partnering with Kirk Originals for the "finding your feet" fashion Show at Movida next week. More about that later... I found out that there is a small town in France where most of the worlds hand made glasses are made, Some where in Bordeaux near the Alps... RANDOM but hey, someone up looking down (see what I did there - ill stop now) there is writing good scripts.

A good few famous people have used the Kirks... (Wu Tang Clan por example) I could go on but if you check out the cool stuff section you will be presently surprised...


Thursday, 22 October 2009

BlackBerry Storm 2 Video

we are going to be featuring more gadgets in the coming issues...
Im a blackberry Man if you got a pin then leave it in comment ofr send it to our facebook to stay in touch via BBM.

Monday, 19 October 2009

FAC off...

FAC off.
just say no to file sharing...

the FAC or featured artist coalition is a collective of artists that are against file sharing.
so far the artists that had signed up against file sharing are as follows....


Tim Rice-Oxley (Keane)
Jamie Turner
Adriano Buffone (Raygun)
Allan Bradbury
Helienne Lindvall
Tony Crean
Andrew Laidlaw (Luck Soul)
Isard Haasakker
Tony Morrelli (The Fire Escapes)
Jean-Baptiste Pilon (The Fire Escapes)
Mark Headley (The Fire Escapes)
Hal Ritson (The Young Punx)
Billy Bragg
Ben Ward
Karl Harrison
Howard Jones
Tjinder Singh (Cornershop)
Phil Simpson
Steve Jones
John Reynolds
Sandie Shaw (via phone)
David Rowntree (Blur)
Ed O’Brien (Radiohead)
Alan Sharland (The Hoosiers)
Martin Skarendahl (The Hoosiers)
Steven Hogarth (Marillion)
Mark Kelly (Marillion)
Guy Chambers
Patrick Wolf
Sam Duckworth (Get Cape Wear Cape Fly)
Jamie Allen
Toby Sebastian
James Kelly
Beryl Marsden
George Jones
Ross Millard (The Futureheads)
Stax Dempsey
Rona Sentinar
Fran Healy (Travis)
Karl Addy
Nathan Taylor (The Young Punx)
Josh Allegro
Ali Howard (Lucky Soul)
David Arnold
Lucy Pullin (The Fire Escapes)
Annie Lennox (via phone)
Lily Allen (Not a Member of the FAC)
George Michael

Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)

Signed After the meeting;

The Music Producers Guild
John B
Claudia Brucken (Propaganda)
Rick Wilde

The Air Statement can be found on our website

So what did they sign?????

The story is as follows....
On September 24th a very special meeting took place at Air Studios in London. It was an unprecedented gathering of artists who all met in the spirit of collaboration and with the aim of discussing the very challenging issue of file-sharing and how it affects the lives of so many artists and all the people that support them in creating the music that we all know and love.

The statement below is the result of that meeting. If you are an artist or music industry organisation and you agree with what has been stated below, let us know by writing to and we'll add your name to the list of signatories.

The Air Statement:

We the undersigned wish to express our support for Lily Allen in her campaign to alert music lovers to the threat that illegal downloading presents to our industry and to condemn the vitriol that has been directed at her in recent days.

Our meeting also voted overwhelmingly to support a three-strike sanction on those who persistently download illegal files, sanctions to consist of a warning letter, a stronger warning letter and a final sanction of the restriction of the infringer’s bandwidth to a level which would render file-sharing of media files impractical while leaving basic email and web access functional.

We also have two fantastic events coming up for artists. See the events section of our home page for more info.

Rinse want to go legal...

We everyone has to go straight sooner or later, you cant run but you can rinse!
Rinse has been the number one pirate station for donkeys and recently the guys at Rinse towers had a Shindig to celebrate 15 years on the go...

The last pirate to make it legal was Kiss and the qaulity of Dj's that came through via that network still blesses us today... Drop a bomb on that one
If you are on Facebook then you probably got this message from JJ or one of the Rinse famo.. I felt I should pass it on..

you lot please please please sign this for me

big up
from jj / da whole family


Who is Ze?? Well to put it in a word, she is glam...glam…glam and damn is she Preeeety damn bright or what...? But I like bright so that can work, the lady is as exuberant as her wardrobe, a fashion designer, musician and loads of other things rolled into a sexy feminine frame.

When I first encountered the young diva, she was quoting Marilyn, Monroe not Manson... so YOU CAN imagine what kind antics ensue during a night on the town with Ze-miester... I wanted to interview Ze and try and capture in words the snapshot of who she is, I tried my hardest but it looks like you are just going to have to watch the video she shot quite recently...

Oh yeah before I forget, Happy Birthday Ze! Birthdays officially last for a week in my world cos these days you can never fit everyone in over the course of one night…..

NOW... heres the interview... enjoy

SR: Ze Ze!!!! first question is!!!!!! What is your hood like? Is it love or hate?

ZE: My neighbourhood is Subang Jaya and it is the kind of place where everybody knows everybody and is filled with workaholics. People are comfortable here and most of us can't quite imagine living in a different neighbourhood within the city. I'd say it's full of LOVE, at least when we're not on the road driving.

SR: what ends are you from?

ZE: I Dont quite understand this q! do you mean my city? Kuala Lumpur!

SR: What 3 things would you change about the world if you were Zebama? lol.


1) no racism

2) no globalization

3) female empowerment. ladies, if you want to be treated equally then stop playing the victim.

But to change the world; i'll have to first change me, my perception towards things, and then encourage others to do the same.

SR: what is more powerful, fashion or music??

ZE: In my world, i'd say music because nothing brings people together like music. Period.

SR: what would you say your influences are in fashion and music..

ZE: strong ladies like Madonna, beautiful places i've been to like Byron Bay, fashion designers like Betsey Johnson and just everything i read, watch, experience can directly or indirectly influence my work.

SR: what inspires your fashion designs and how do you think fashion and music interact?

ZE: I try to look beyond fashion to find ideas for my designs. Like, reading a book or watching a movie that has nothing to do with fashion whatsoever and put the 2 things together. At the moment, i am crazy over wild animal prints. They look gorgeous next to neon colours. ........... Music is something you hear, and fashion is something you see so when the 2 things are combined to compliment each other it makes the art that much stronger because the audience is able to experience you in more ways than one.

SR: where can they hear you at?

ZE: My last release was the Catwalk EP which was a collaboration with Defunct! and included remixes from various artists from Dandy Kid Records. I'm currently working on my full-length album which is scheduled to be out within the next couple of months!

SR: What makes U too hood to care star?

ZE: i'd like to think it's because i've chosen to be myself and do my thing. It may sound simple, but most people are afraid to do just that.

Ze has music releases scheduled for next year, and it should, it will be colourful! Check the site below for all her jump offs…

Migrane Skank your head off....

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Leona Lewis....

Cunning Stunt or freak accident? I am not sure, but the news was fairly sketchy last night and you could not really get a good look at the damage left. However the news reports say that she was hit but a male after signing his book, how rude. I hope he bought the book at least!

After watching this link below, I do believe it was serious, but as to why the guy was laughing after being jumped by security is still up for debate, and where were Leona's security? Hint - best not to hire them to watch your back.

check the BBC version of events...

She does look shaken... ouch. For those of you who do not know who she is, Miss Lewis won the X factor in 2006.

New Dot Rotten CD

There is a new Dot CD coming fairly soon, Uptown records are taking pre orders... according to Aza T...If you have not the last two releases you are slacking BIG TIME. sort it. one of them is a free download so there is no excuse for failure.

check the links below and the tracklisting, if you are anoraks you may have even have heard a few of the bangers on the CD.

Dot Rotten - Something Out Of Nothing £6.99

The King of controversy Dot Rotten is back with a bang dropping 19 fresh tracks with 2 bonus tracks and 1 instrumental track. This is the firsrt installment of a series of mixtapes coming to you in the future.

1.Mr Baker & Crazy Comments
2.Two Step Non Stop
3.Show Me Respect
4.I'm Not Stopping
5.Get Money
6.The Roads Are Cold
7.I'm A Professional
8.The Days
9.There's More To Life
10.Best Of Me
11.I'm Going Hard
12.Talking The Hardest
13.Don't Diss The Program
14.Rowdy Riddim
15.Sex Time
16.Ride For Me
17.Acting Like You Know Me
18.They Don't Know About Me
19.Violence In The Music (Preview)
20.Cheating On My Girl
21.No One Knows
22.Green Garden

Can I get some Chips with that??

So Chipie is number 1, good on him! This year is probably the best year so far for UK "urban" music, with Ndubz, Wiley, Dizzie, Stryder and a load of other artists penetrating the UK mainstream and some scoring top hits.

Chips beat Jay -Z and the lovely Saturdays to the spot, which goes to show what can happen if you use your head, and we all know he got a big one - OPPSY DAISY!lol. I reckon that the year is not over by far even though its almost Xmas, look out for the new one from Ndubz!

Interestingly all the media outlets do not know how to categorise the young gun... rapper, rnb? who cares anyway, keep flipping them Chips and stacking them hits Chip.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

New Ring -- they said it was Cold..Duhh!

Nasa Stargazers have found a new ring, apprently they did not see it before because they were not using the right telescope. Who knows, but it would be cool to work at the observatory in Hawaii from which the Huge halo round Saturn was spotted....

"This is one supersized ring," said one of the authors, Anne Verbiscer,

she also said "The ring dust is very cold – minus 316 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 158C.but it shines with thermal radiation". And these rappers and music guys thought they had ice on their wrist....