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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Blackberry Messenger interview WITH PDC's MYKE DEANZ aka Birdie Roth

Myke Deanz aka Biride Roth is a rapper from South London, UK, who has been crafting his art for around 10 years. He is a founding member of the PDC movement who you may have heard of from documentaries on gangs in the UK.

GetStarRich managed to track him down via BBM and had an interesting chat about South London, Riots, rap music and also watched his new promo video. Before you go in check out this promo below!

GetStarRich: : So For those who aint familiar introduce yourself in no more than 3 sentences...

BIDIE ROTH:MYKE DEANZ: I go by the name of Birdie Roth/ Myke Deanz PDC.. 1 of the founding members of PDC..

GSR: : & PDC stands for?

BR:MD: : It stands for a few things.. Peel Dem Crew, Poverty Driven Children, Public Demand Cartel.. Bang bang lol

GSR: : Doing it for the peoples!

BR:MD: : Yep.. We tend to do things most people are scared of doing i.e. going against the powers that be

GSR: : Kind of like a conscious movement?

BR:MD: : Nah not really.. We just organised so people see us as a threat.. But we just hear to make gd music ya dig lol..

GSR: : I hear that... I got a few PDC cd's in the collection... I was kind of wondering when we would get round to the music!

BR:MD: : What people tend to forget or get twisted about us is that. We started doing music as a path away from the street life. Some people saw us and thought wow. Real gangstas - doin music thats cool. Now everybody and their mother wants to rap. Doing it the other way around....Rappers tryna be gangsta..

GSR: : That's a problem for me, I feel that it makes misrepresentation of music & the message easy for the press...How long have U been rapping for?

BR:MD: : Me? Rapping? On and off for bout 10 yrs. I'm not like all the other artist.. I'm a rapper for about 2months a year lol.. That's when I get the "bug" and record a lot.. Put out a cd.. Then I do my normal life stuff & I usually write on the spot..

GSR: : I can hear a lot of life themes in your music...

BR:MD: : My cds tend to be my past year in music.. I try to switch it up a lil but keep it "Roth.."

GSR: : Haha... Roth as in the Rothschilds?

BR:MD: : Nah lol. Roth as in Birdie Roth.. My style.. Melodic.. I play a lot with melodies in my music. A lot of people don't know that I produce as well

GSR: : You learn something every day! I just did. Rapper & Producer... 10 years of music is a long time... I can see the timeline, kinda makes sense especially as the footage from your recent video is from the brixton riots

GSR: : How did that event affect you

BR:MD: : Well I was born the year of the first riots.. Which makes me 21 haaa.. But seriously.. It instilled that "spirit" which is evident in us.. Our parents where involved in that riot.. And the last set of riots that happened in 2001.. We was on the frontline lol

BR:MD: : The police killed and unarmed man outside jaja's front door.. We wasn't having that...

GSR: : That rebel spirit is obviously in the bloodline. Based on the reasons for the events in the 80's and 2001, Do U feel that the students of today have got a real reason to riot?

BR:MD: : I feel that the students are fighting for their rights.. This nation has become a nation of whingers.. That do nothin but complain.. So the government will do as they please.. Now that the student have got that "spirit" in them.. The authorities are shocked.. We need more people standing up for their beliefs or we just gonna be dictated

GSR: : Do you think that it will make a difference at all?

BR:MD: : Not an immediate difference but trust me they taking more notice than them green peace protestors that were camping outside parliment.. Lol

GSR: : Yep! And they camped outside parliment for YEARS... Back to the video... You got 2 videos sandwhiched together... Who's the fella in the first video with you?

BR:MD: : That's @NajaSozePDC for people that don't know.. That's @JajaPDC lil bro. They are actually 2 different videos.. Ima release the 1st half abit later down

GSR: : I'm sure people will be looking out for it... South London seems to be the hotbed for rap movements. PDC, So solid, Sn1 etc...

BR:MD: : Yh I think so.. All 3 of the above has brought something to the table that has improved the rap scene over here.. I really don't like sayin uk rap.. Or the "U" word

GSR: : Lol... Say no more. What is it about South London that makes such good music?

BR:MD: : I feel its because we do what comes natural.. I feel other type of artiste try to jump on any bandwagon that's going.. And they get lost..

GSR: : There you have it. I always thought South had the best rappers... East best grime emcees. But that's just a general statement.

BR:MD: : That's true. When it comes to grime they have that on lock.... All the best to them. Lol ... But when they get nominated for rap awards I find it offensive

GSR: : Lol... I take it from that you would do grime?

BR:MD: : Me do grime? Nah.. It would have to be a crossover track where grime meets rap..

GSR: : Haha... I see your angle, is there any1 in particular U might collab with?

BR:MD: : Even tho I'm not really into grime I do admire some of their artist that actually do grime. I haven't reached out to none of them yet as I feel that I'm still learning my craft.. But if/when I do.. It would be artist such as Ghetts.. He's the grime ambassador for me..

GSR: : Ok ok, I like to hear that track when it happens... While we on the subject of names... U got any shout outs?

BR:MD: : Just wanna shout out my close musical fam.. PDC of course.. Young Juvee.. Mdot-E and star muzik fam.. Free my boy Clue GoodFellaz.. Shout outs to Big Bad Blue and the industreetz entertainment.. My M1st fam.. Tyke and Versa my beat suppliers.. Sir Mykal Million Esq.. Lol shout out to the north weez.. My east side fam slim and megz.. 1 luv 2 everybody pushing..

GSR: : BIG! I think that's a wrap ya know ....Unless there ws anything else U wanted 2 mention

BR:MD: : Yh..
BR:MD: : STREETZ IZ WATCHING *Birdie Roth & Young Juve* mix cd is gonna be available for free download REAL SOON!!! Also check out PDC Radio @
BR:MD: : Bang..

Vado Ft Mavado - M.O.V.A.D.O Official Video - (december 2010)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

ICE KID: the return according to Grime Daily

On the grapevine. Thanks to Grime Daily.

in case you forgot who this young squire is check the video below.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Monday, 29 November 2010

The Rocky Roostarz play the Dogstar, Brixton, 17th of December.

The Roostarz will be playing a Special Xmas Set at The Dogstar In Brixton, London, United Kingdom, SW9 8LQ - The event is called choice cuts.

Facebook event link

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Tonight - Live music - manicures - custom headphones - banging tunes.

I got an invite from Gemz to this event, TBH I was sold on the idea of customised headphones. Perfect timing, as I lost my headphones on the weekend!!! my fault. Oxford sucks for that!!

SOOOO tonight, is a night put on by the Charlatan lot... and Salute ( Salute is a Magazine <>

Dont make me repeat myself....

WeSC ( are in the venue,
giving away FREE WeSC headphones (9-11pm), but heres the twist, they are exclusively designed to your own spec by the talented graffiti artist Amar Stewart (Upper Playground).

As well as this WAH Nails
( dishing out FREE Manicures (9-11pm), With all of that in the mix there is also have a great line-up with both live acts and well known respected DJs joining the night i.e.DJ Nikki Beatnik

''NIKKI is da F****** sh*t'' RIO FERDINAND // 'The Female Mark Ronson' The Daily Telegraph - DJ Nikki Beatnik (Kelis Tour DJ), - nuff said eh...

DJ Snips (Livin Proof),

CWD (maharishi),

Motive (Overproof),

DJ NickName (55dsl / Droppin Science)...

XO Man (Live ) as well as x4 WeSC Activists performing Live. Oh yeah did I mention everyone gets a FREE DRINK on entry and then boozey deals are running throughout the night i.e. £3 beer/ mixer
iF you want a guestlist speak to Gemmz


SALUTE Presents Crush x WeSC 23.11.10 at PUNK, Soho
w/ WAH Nails FREE Manicures, FREE WeSC Headphones
designed to spec, Nikki Beatnik (Kelis Tour DJ),
DJ Snips (livin proof), DJ Nick Name (55dsl) +++CWD

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I dont play computer games.... But after watching the last title in this series being played and having a lil dabble.. I can see the addiction that is Medal of honour... and now there is a new one coming... whats that, you are about to take a week of work... sorry, U did say month I just didnt believe you!

Ms.Darks - Noise (Produced by MasterMind)

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Friday, 28 May 2010

"Rock It" Sub Focus - Official HD/HQ

back to blog....

ok... so I have not actually blogged properly for ages - so we got some intense interviews and exposes coming for you....

1.a film maker
2.UK polotician
3.some musicians from out of the UK...

plus more....

keep it locked.


Drake - Light Up feat. Jay-Z

Sunday, 18 April 2010


For those who are not familiar give us a short version of your musical life journey....?
Well, I started out as a graphic designer and organizer/promoter for a drum'n'bass and breaks crew back in Halifax (CND) a few years ago. I got involved and picked up spinning vinyl with my friends at house parties. I fell heavily into dark jungle and ragga jungle with the help of Vilify by my side. That lead to a love affair with Breakcore, then later my big love, Dubstep.
Fast forward a few years, and now I live in Montreal. I do a weekly Dubstep and DnB night (Bass Drive Wednesdays) with Vilify (founder), we also do two radio shows a week together. on Mondays (12-2am UK) and SUB.FM on friday nights (2-4am UK)

I also put out a weekly mix series dubbed J'aime Le Dubstep which features a variety of DJ from all over.

The podcast just celebrated its first anniversary just a few short weeks ago. (check out the birthday mix...woiii SR)



(iTUNES - search for Construct in the podcast section of itunes store)

S&R:What is your star sign?
My star sign is virgo, but if I would have to make something up I would have to say my star sign is 13 1/2 purple, just because space is weird like that. Normal laws don't apply. Gamble all you want.

S&R:how did you get your name, its a pretty cool name btw?
I wish I had some cool and elaborate story behind my name but the reality is I picked it myself because I didn't want to be booked has Tulippe.
To me, it symbolizes what I do when I mix. I take two separate things and put them together to construct something different and new.

S&R: whats the scene like in Ca?
Well Canadian Dubstep is on an upswing. We did lose a National Bass icon to SanFransico last year as DZ moved his operations south, but from this new bass monsters are emerging.
Canada is a very wide country so it seems different hot spots have formed and they all have their own eco-system. The west side (Vancouver and Calgary) are in the lead from my own personal count. The juggernaut Excision and his label Rottun Records are owning the North American sound with their metal/droid/appocalyptic style with a solid crew of Canadian producers such as Datsik, Downlink, Mark Instinct and many more. Also making room out west is DJ Cure and is phenomenal label Aufect Recordings, with releases by peeps such as XI, DZ, Bombaman. Live shows also have a big part in growing the scene, for this Michael Red and his Lighta crew are taking care of serious business!

Toronto (central Canada), well Toronto for long has been the jungle/dnb capital of Canada. As the biggest city in the country, it rightfully has lots of shows on the go, including Dubslingers on Wednesday which has been running for over 5 years now. Congrast to the Dubslingers crew!

Montreal (central/east Canada) has been playing catch up a bit, but soon we'll be running laps around these guys!

I think we have the best vibe at the moment (imo). All our crews are very welcoming and are exploring the multiple styles within Dubstep. Komodo Dubs have the staple event for the city, with spectacular lineups, artwork and all out approach. A real professional outfit with a big smile on their faces. The young guns, Bouddha Slinky, have courage and spunk! Booking shows in illegal, dirty, concrete buildings with the ruffest and toughest acts from all over. Big ups! On the weekly side, Bass Drive (Vilify and I's dubstep event) just celebrated it's first anniversary with record numbers of attendance and all out brok-out/moshpit vibes! Couldn't be happier.

S&R::what are you ends like? what would you change about your ends if you had the power to?
Well, I can't complain really... I've got a loft across the street from a subway station.

Beer at every corner store and the best buds in town.
I don't think I would change many things, except for the weather during the winter. Summer is perfect like it is.

Tons of festivals, music and lounging in parks with beer, baguette and brie. (can't wait !)

Have you got any music we can listen to, download or buy?

I currently don't have any finished productions, I'm hoping that 2010 will be my year to breach this barrier. Until then, you can catch me Live on SUB.FM & every week.

I also have a slew of mixes available on my blog, ranging from dubstep to party bangers, to jungle and breakcore.

(all info at

what is your position on the the downloading of music?
Karma. It's that simple.
If you want to get anything out of this industry, then you should put something back into it. So, I always play tracks that i have purchases or that have been handed to me by the artist themselves. How could I aspect to make money from what I love, if I don't even love it enough to pay for my music.

I saw a crazy flyer on your webpage with Oscar and a care bear.... what Sesame Street character embodies you the best?


Easy, I think I would be Oscar the grouch because of my trash can sounds!

(I would add some lasers to the side of my trash can too) Grimey!

S&R:What makes you Too Hood To Care Star....?
My weed pipe swagga and my trash can sounds!

S&R:Yeah, lastly - any shout outs?
Big big shouts to Vilify, my partner in crime and the sickest DJ i know.

Bigs going out to my original crew back in Hali: Harmsworth, Ben C, Jerm, Mitch, DVD, Buck Banger, P-80, Freedom Danish and many more.

Love for all the Montreal Dubstep crews:, Lawless, Komodo, ESL, Bouddha Slinky, Forward, Monkey Dubs & Bass Mob.

Big thanks to all the Canadian producers who sent me the hooks for this mix and all other dubs that I have received in the past.

Keep an eye out for Mark Instinct, XI and Geoff Buchanan. These guys are big and getting bigger!


OK.... a lil while back we started a mixtape series for all you guys that like to keep up to the times... We had Felis from the UK, Cooptrol from South America, and A few others..

Now we got a guy straight out of Canada, I still think they got snow up there so all you UK cats stop complaining about summer, I dont want to hear it any more. BUT for the ones that are cold, Construct from CA is bringing the heat with a special mix for TOOOOO HOOOD TO CARE STAR. (new tees dropping soon).

check it. and the blurbs from the interview.


TRACKLIST: Too Hood Can Dub Mix

01- Dirty Science - Wobble Cup - dub

02- P-80 - Seizure Salas - dub

03- Taal Mala - Da Flex - dub

04- Max Ulis - Mutha Effa - dub

05- XI - Vaccum - dub

06- Bombaman - One of Everything - Forthcoming Aufect Digital

07- M4rs - Loud Noises !!! - dub

08- Stylus - Die Clown !!! - dub

09- Mark Instinct - Love Me Nots - Aufect Digital

10- Downlink - Gamma Ray - Rottun Records

11- Excision - Get To The Point ft. Liquid Stranger - Rottun Records

12- Geoff Buchanan - Everything I Loved - dub

13- Datsik - Gizmo - Basshead UK

14- Grizzy the Slummlord - Phyco x gyrlfriend - dub

15- Geoff Buchanan - The Crook Pianist - dub

16- Downlink & Datsik - Against the Machines - Rottun Records

17- Excision & DZ - Ying Yang - EX7

18- Geoff Buchanan - Way-yuh - dub

19- Mark Instinct - Badman - Aufect Records

20- DZ - A.W.O.L. - Badman Press

21- Datsik - Galvanize - Smog Records

22- Redeyz & DZ - Dubstep in disguise - dub

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Roostarz play the HALFMOON

The Halfmoon Putney is in South West London and is well known throughout the UK and indeed, the world. Many great names have performed here, including The Rolling Stones, The Who, U2, Van Morrison and recent acts include Kasabian, I Am Kloot and Natasha Bedingfield AND NOW THE ROOSTARZ......

you can get you advnace tickets here, for 4 of the queesn finest nuggets, so start saving now!!!! LOL.

There is a facebook event set up here for the GIG... let us know if you are coming through...




Film Screening....

This one is a closed event... so you need to be invited. The main man is a guy called Julius.. he made a film about a goat, about a Ghanaian boy, Im sure Goldie was in it, actually it was MC Creed. my bad.

anywho, he is screening some films and you need an invite.

just seen a poster for one of his films, looks Manga, NOOT IN A CARRTOON WAY. more like in a wow, that looks sick kind way.

> check out the goats tail that I was talking about >

spooky bizzle mix

*A rapid Funky vs. Grime mix*

Spooky - Horny Mr Bean
Rudimental feat. Natalie May - Sexy Sexy
R1 Ryders - Hydraulic
Robin S - Show Me Love (Geeneus Remix)
Nocturnal - Don't Phone Me
Stu$h - We Nah Run ('Siren' Remix)
Teeza - Riot
Delinquent - I Got U (Delio D'Cruz Remix)
Swindle - Airmiles
Fuzzy Logik & Egypt - In The Morning
Spooky - Final Lap Remix

Download here:

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

coming this month...

A mix from an ALL Canadian set of all stars.... Too Hood To Care Star reaches out to the North of North America and talks to Construct... Article and mix for your earholes will soon be ready to land.

The Roostarz

The Roostarz are adding to the gig list everyday! Next up are dates at the GARAGE in Islington, dusk till dawn IN Archway and The Half Moon IN Putney.....

dates are up at

check it out.

and tweet them if you are that way inclined -



Saturday, 6 March 2010

from germany with kisses

this ones a link to Anna Kiss in Deutsch land... you can also find her mixes on the right under podcasts...
(sign in for instant downloads)

It's dirty Fidget & Tech House, and it'll mess with your mind..... ;) (quote Anna)

shes got a new website with a FB widget type thing... its kinda cool.


plastic people... melt in the sun not in your mouth

Sign the petition to stop Plastic People being shut down here-

if you go the FWD... or ever have been then you will be SAD f they get this through!!!

so vte with your mouse touch pad or blackberry...

new T gulley mix tape

for funky, elctro and dubsep heds



1. Zinc - Jekyll n Hyde
2. In Flagranti - Ex Ex Ex
3. Crookers VS Fever Ray - Seven
4. Afrojack VS 62.FM Audio - Killer
5. Gucci Vump - The Boogieman
6. Karada Merayah - Gipsy
7. Afrojack ft Nadia Ali - Better Run
8. Crookers VS Proxy - Raven
9. Sidney Samson & Don Diablo - Monster
10. Rawmania - BeatauCue
11. Afrojack vs Kid Cudi ft Kanye West & Common - Make Her Say
12. Alvaro VS Major Lazer - Pon de Floor
13. Zinc ft Ms Dynamite - Wile Out
14. Afrojack ft The Partysquad - Drop Down
15. Kid Kaio VS Momma's Boy - Wedouwedou

evo music rooms

halla at this one time.


kinda nuts...

Monday, 22 February 2010


as you may or may not know, i do a bit of work in the entertainments industry... every so oft i do something new, give you gus something fresh. Recently I joined forces with an old friend and started a management company (Lucid Tiger Management).... more about later...

So Myself and Raphael (my co-D) are proud to present to you The Rocky RooStarz.....

check out the up to date myspace above and the gig guide

halla...COBDEN IS THIS WEDS from WereWolf...
BRIX-town JAMM is this friday!!!! WE ARE SUPPORTING HOT CHIP.... if you dont know who they are check the YOUTUBE below...

these guys are a bit strange.... should be a great party...

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

wont miss the next one...

unfortunately, I could join Cece in Paris... I was in studio with the Rocky Roostarz...

watch out for the myspace and gigs at the tail end of this month...

Big up Arnaud and the French Dubstep massive everytime....

Jamila B. Gamers Love Official Video