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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Casting call

Lead role for Music Video – Jan 29th London

We are producing a Music Video for upcoming band “The Rocky Roostars”, we are very interested in finding key characters in this fresh innovative video. Please contact us if you’re interested in a days acting.

Military Sergeant
Sex: Male, Height: 5’10-6’2, Age: 35-50

Description: Actors for this role will need to project a character that should be confident, serious and extremely disciplined, fierce and strong looking appearance preferably short hair or no hair is.


Description: Similar to the above, should look very military.
Sex: Male, Height: 5’10-6’2, Age: 20-30

For further details.


*********DO NOT MAIL BACK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!********

Attractive woman x 4
Description: You should look gorgeous!
Sex: Female
Height: not necessary
Age: 18-30

Extras x 50
Sex: Male/Female
Height: not necessary
Age: 18-30

The Extras are required for a party scene. To apply for the role, the extras should be good looking, outgoing, lively, and project a positive vibe amongst others as well as themselves. Unfortunately, due to a tight budget of the production, this will be unpaid role for all the extras but they will be offered free drinks and a great environment to hang out in. Upon completion of the video, all successful extras will receive a copy of the music video and regular updates on the video’s broadcast.