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Friday, 22 September 2006

Vultures have landed. Los soL

The garage scene is always evolving, some times I speak to kids and they have no idea of foundation emcees. SO thanks to Los Sol, we have a road lesson in Old School and New school Garage.
Vultures comes from the Los soL stables who are famous for having very high profile artists on their releases, this time they supply a uptempo mix with a 4X4 mix... watch out for apperances from Creed, fresh of the back of "Duppy", featuring with legends such as DT, PSG, B Live, CKP & Sharky P.
The "Grime mix" has lyrics supplied with kind regards from Former SLK artists Skrapsta, Big Mighty along side Def 1, Jayo and KO not to mention Donaeo. Check out the video link, more motion picture action will soon be avalible.

Thursday, 21 September 2006

12 mega 12 mega 12

get your skin down to the launch party next friday the 29th of september!
"PLEASE TELL ME" launch party @ the Astor Club, right next to China Whites and opposite Club 20.
its on Glasshouse street.
3 rooms of music and also check the myspace.....
striking 4orce
striking 4orce
striking 4orce-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
new music and ish on the myspace... leave some feedback and get involved!
Hoodstars B

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

last night dj 12 inch hit up laylow and brought slim az on the set with a next guy whos name I cant remember.... but this was a big moment, laylow has not even been on my radar for the last few months until now... its a good look.... we just have to wait and see if lay low will be back to its full potential and whether this is gona spark a change and make people up their game....anyone with any more info holla back... i need to know if laylow has a myspace and whether they are planning the live stream style of things...???

Tony The Tiger

Toni the Tiger is part of the HoodStars Team
Hes not a real Tiger of course, but has been know
to run wild in the concrete jungle.

What is FIP?

Sunday, 17 September 2006


3rdday, originally uploaded by fip_fashion. for more details

Monday, 11 September 2006

bag of sand

big-bag-ad-3, originally uploaded by fip_fashion.

deep water soon landing

Bag of sand – Spitz Of Renwick

The review
Bag of sand – Spitz Of Renwick

Bag of sand is an interesting concept in its self as it has many metaphors. Just from looking at the stunning inside cover photo artwork you will notice that the idea of using bags of sand as defensive tools is explored as well as the cockney rhyming slang for "grands". Im not too sure what Spitz is trying to defend, but from the overtly positive tone it must be the posterity of UK Hip Hop.

Spitz is a unique character in the landscape of UK Hip hop. He probably stands alone with Mecca to Medina as the only Hip-hop in England with an Islamic tint. Although this is not so blatant on the album, when you do meet Spitz this becomes apparent.

He sometimes sounds as if he is preaching on the album, which can be hard to digest for an ear that is not trained in hearing this kind of music. At times he switches up his flow to suit the vibe of the track. A prime example is “don’t look back”. Another track that smacks of antiquity is the "cry blud". The Skippy vibe of this makes it a pleasure to listen to.

“Cry blud” is an obvious play on street slang. Another look at street culture is explored on track number nine with a famous sample that you will all recognise instantly if you are fans of Ashley Walters or not. The track tries to explore what the problem associated with street culture is. In my view this subject needs to be tackled again from a different point of view. Possibly a track with two people representing both sides of the argument.

The ideal behind representing both sides of the argument is somewhat lost on certain tracks as the Spitz relays how he feels about politics, war, gun culture, drugs and street life. At times spitz leaves these major issues, concentrates on his inner self, and lets us into his world and the events that have shaped him as a person and inevitably as an artist.

“Clocks ticken” with Faith SFX the UK beatbox champ and Purple, aka Purple Simba show us how he can express deep emotions that we are all aware of such as death, an event we will all have to deal with at some point in life. The same subject is delved into on “Say Goodbye”.

Nevertheless, there is more than one strand running through the album, and global politics is a major part of this. Home politics is the second strand. The other is the curse of human nature. If you are having relationship problems then have a close listen to Smoke, and “1 try”.

Spitz seems to shine most with a constellation of other stars behind him, and my track numero uno on the album has got to be No 6. I wont tell you who is on it, but the diversity of artist will make it a definite wheel up for all the conscious and non-conscious backpackers.

Its is rready for purchase with a custom made bag, not a bag of sand but a bag with the sort of amterial sand comes in. Make sure you get you collectors items, in Uptown, And other outlets. If you cant find it just contact one of the myspaces below directly.

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Dirty canvas

The review:

This was actually the first time I had experienced Dirty Canvas. I did not have any idea of what to expect. This was also the first time I had experienced the ICA, once again I had no idea of what to expect.

The whitewashed walls smacked of art deco, the crowd was built to match, some hood, some posh, some normal, some dressed extravagantly. As long as we get more mainstream media and keep drawing crowds with a mix like that the scene can get more diverse. Perfect example was the “advertorial” which ran last week in the Evening Standard promoting this event.

The music was perfect, the skills of Madame Collins on the decks brought us a warm up, a bit of bashment, a bit of US a bit of grime. DJ Magic hit the set hard with the Renegade boys. One of my favourite moments was hearing Renegade tear down pulse X. they controlled the set perfectly showing a lot of maturity and good public relations. Watch out for these guys this year, project are forthcoming on the NuVibes label. The Plastician switched the game up by throwing down an old school garage set, pure genius, the vibes set the tone for the next segment.

As it was Ruff Sqwads mixtape launch (go out and buy "Guns and Roses II") and boy better know were appearing everyone was waiting for these crews to arrive. The crowd got a surprise in the shape of Jammer who jumped on the set with Boy Better Know. The crowd’s response was amazing, not just for Jammer but for the rest of Boy better Know. Wiley was a no show, but he whereabouts were accounted for.

I didn’t manage to catch much of Ruff Sqwad but got a smacking interview with JME while they were on set. Watch out for that footage so to be released on the myspace and blog. Forthcoming DVD project will have more exclusives like that on it.

The vibe was on a family tip, networking was going on like crazy, and this is the place to be without a doubt. London’s situation with grime-based events leaves a bit to be desired but when Dirty Canvas becomes established in the mainstream then it will solidify Grime as a viable format for the masses.

Note to venue, please please sort the air con for next time…

Monday, 4 September 2006

clean my canvas

1089525344_l, originally uploaded by fip_fashion.

clean my canvas

New monthly club / live music event
Launches Saturday 9 September, 2006
7.30pm – 2am

Dirty Canvas and Straight Outta Bethnal present:
Ruff Sqwad, DJ Plastician and Boy Better Know
+ DJs Cameo (1xtra), Magic (Soul 2 Streets), Hattie (RWD) and
Carmen Selektra (Touch)

‘Dirty Canvas represents a highly unusual foray of Grime (Grime — an acronym for "Got Revolution In My Eyes")... music into “uptown” culture.’
Matthew Ingram (The Wire, Jan 2006)

On Saturday 9 September, 2006 the ICA launches a new monthly club night, Dirty Canvas, which will showcase live performances from talented underground artists emerging from the grime and dubstep scenes. Following a successful year at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, Dirty Canvas is taking up residence at the ICA, where it will continue to present new acts and raise the roof on this musically innovative, constantly evolving and creatively cutting-edge urban scene.

The opening night, co-curated with Straight Outta Bethnal will feature one of the grime scene’s best kept secrets Ruff Sqwad, who (like Dizzee Rascal and Wiley) hail from East London’s grime epicentre – Bow E3. If Ruff Sqwad had a US hiphop equivalent it would be Wu-Tang-Clan, with their fierce loyalty to the collective, their hugely distinctive and impressive productions and the range of vocal talent on offer. Although still only teenagers, Ruff Sqwad have been together for over four years and in that time have put together an impressive body of work, in particular the brilliant ‘Guns and Roses II’ mixtape, which will be available at the night.

Ruff Sqwad will be joined by dubstep pioneer Plastician, who will present the scene’s biggest tunes, including many of his own productions. Plastician started DJing at the tender age of sixteen and played on a number of London pirate stations before moving to his BBC Radio One show. Aged eighteen, his self produced track 'Venom' gained him early notoriety and two years later, he started label Terrorhythm Recordings and established his name as key producer in both dubstep and grime scenes. In 2004, Plastician toured the USA with Aphex Twin's Rephlex label and featured on Rephlex's 'Grime' album.

Also taking the stage will be members of grime’s biggest supergroup Boy Better Know, featuring JME, Skepta, Wiley and DJ Maximum.

The second ICA Dirty Canvas will take place on Saturday 14 October. Lined-up are the Newham Generals and The Movement.

Saturday, 2 September 2006

8th bfm Intl Film Fest kicks off

The 8th bfm International Film Festival runs 8 to 15 September bringing a line-up of over 60 films to London screens. These range from features to documentaries, from shorts to experimental film. Several programmes will run including a Caribbean strand, a Latin strand, and African storytelling. The UK Talent strand, in conjunction with Time Out London on Screen, showcases UK talent past and present. From Horace Ove's classic film, Pressure, to Stephen Lloyd Jackson's drama, Rulers and Dealers*. The closing gala film will be Life & Lyrics* the soon to be released feature starring Ashley Walters. The UK Short Film Awards at the Prince Charles Cinema will bring the festival to a close. Seven of the best contemporary UK film-makers have been selected to showcase their work. The 8th bfm International Film Festival is supported by the National Lottery through the UK Film Council and Film London's Audience Development Fund.