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Thursday, 27 October 2005

flicks from Raekwons gig@KOKO

easy... got to apolgise for the slackness with these flicks, should have uploaded them ages ago, if you have no idea what they are about then check for the gossip..

kanos homecoming cancelled

Last nights evening standard revealed that Kanos concert date at the Scala tonight has been cancelled, this is a bit of a shame as all the other dates have been getting rave reviews, hold tight for more news and also the actual article.... (gonna upload this when i got a minute...!)


Friday, 21 October 2005

Thursday, 20 October 2005



the "flock" the bird flu campaign has gathered speed. help out by eating at your local non descript chicken shop.

OK that was a joke! dont mess with the bird flu. I am not about to fan the flames or dismiss the news becuase im not an expert.

BUT theres a serious message behind the above photo. The cows dont seem to be looking out for their farm yard "bredrins", in other words the chickens. But we are a lot more intelligent than them, so we should stop the madness on the roads cos "under our skins we all got the same meat"


no birds were hurt in making this post
for more knowledge head to
thanks to for the picture.

Wednesday, 19 October 2005



Redbus Film Distribution
BlackWorld and the BFI present Dave LaChappelle's




This documentary tells the story of Clowing which exploded on to the streets of Los Angles South Central district as part of the outrage to 1992 Rodney King Riots. It also narrates the style now known as Krumping

check out for more film related stories
blk hstry mnth 05

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Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Big in the game Hip hop master class

Goldborne youth centre

Nuff love to the crew at EA for letting us pass through, big up especially to Claire and Jaime for hooking this up. This one was defiantly for the kids, with master classes in the arts of emcee-ing, graffiti, music software classes and dj classes..

The whole set up was on a double decker bus, covered in graffiti, so it kind of looked a bit mad but it did not stand out in Labroke grove, that’s saying something for the area. Big up my little brother for passing through and representing and the S2G as well, my brother got some free games so that was him happy for the day. Like Jammer would say Straight Neckeling

Sway and baby blue also passed through but we didn’t bug them as it was kind of their day off, and they were obviously getting ready for the Channel U awards later on that evening. But props to them for showing the kids love.

I know it gets said far too much and it’s a bit cliché, but we need more of these kind of events because they teach youngers to be productive
this was one of the peices painted at the workshop, i didnt get a chance to ask the artist what the meaning was, but the man on the canvas looks a lot like Anthony Blair? But the phrase does not make sense to me...
answers on a postcard to

Raekwons birthday bash


Well who knows how old he is, and why does his birthday fall on different weeks, maybe its something like the queens birthday. Cos he is like a king or a legend of hip-hop. But for me this guy was overshadowed by the brehs that warmed up the stage for him.

I was in the queue for God knows how long; I am putting it at about an hour and a half! And this was the guest list and reservations queue. Preposterous! BUT it does not really matter how long you wait when Reveal, Lowkey and Mike GLC are in the same Q as you. When I got in, I finally caught up with the rest of the raving crew and then started vibeing.

Ka lash, Scribs and Kyza did some old stuff, and some new stuff. All the moves they made were banging, the boys were so on point. Then of course what every one was waiting for, “murda”…. And everyone in the house was singing the words. Also in the house with the boys were Capo, Lethal and some members of the grime frat house of East London.

I got what I expected from Raekwon, and I was a little disappointed that he didn’t really move me, the new album drops soon so that should make up for it. I t would have been great to get some of the Wu on stage as well, but hey, I got in free and beggars cant be choosers. Thanks to Nuala from KOKO’s press office. Also bigging up David and Cleo who raved it up with me. Love to Harry, and Sarah for hosting such a big star. Cant speak about anyone else on the bill because me nah see your face pon stage, see me!

Watch out for some footage coming your way from an exclusive with the TF boys after the event….


Monday, 10 October 2005

Lynden David Hall's Wish at the Jazz Café

For the last 2 years Lynden David Hall has been battling a rare form of

He is suffering from Hodgkin's Lymphoma disease. It is a form of cancer that
mainly affects young people in their 20's and around 1400 people are
diagnosed in then UK every year. It is a disease of the Lymphatic system.
The Lymphatic system is a complex system of lymph organs (such as tonsils
and bone marrow) and lymph nodes connected by a network of lymphatic
vessels. This system is part of the body's natural defence against
infection. Hodgkin's Lymphoma usually affects groups of lymph nodes in one
area of the body such as the neck or armpit.

In January this year Lynden attended Hammersmith hospital for a Stem Cell
transplant. The operation has resulted in him being hospitalised ever since.
For nine months he has been in intensive care fighting for his life. His
spirit has never been broken though and despite all his problems he has
asked if we can help him raise money for fellow sufferers.

On Tuesday 15th November at the Jazz Café in London friends of Lynden will
be gathering to perform in his honour. Confirmed artists include:

Miss Dynamite, Omar, Beverly Knight, Terri Walker, Shola Ama, Don E &
Roachford + djs Diggz & Matt White. We are hoping that the event will be
televised or broadcast in order to raise the awareness of this serious

Tickets are £22.50 and will be available from from
Monday 3rd October. If you would like to donate more there will be an
opportunity for people to do so on the night. Everyone involved in
organising this event has provided their services for free enabling us to
donate 100% of the proceeds to various charities of Lyndens' choice
including the Afro Caribbean Leukaemia Trust.

For more information, interviews, etc please contact Diggz on 01865 792211
or 07813 788261.

For more information about the disease have a look at the following websites

On behalf of Lynden and his family Random Records would like to thank you
all for your understanding and support in what is a very difficult time.

Thursday, 6 October 2005

roll deep. last night. cargo

Roll deep, roll deep, everyone knows about roll deep roll deep/ i know your girlfriend knows about roll deep roll deep/ cos she hears you talk about roll deep deep/in the ghetto you know that they roll deep roll deep/singles out on monday so you better roll deep roll deep/to hmv you better roll deep.....

and so on... roll deep were deep. I have not seen these brehs for a good while but it seems like they are making the transition from emcee to artist so rapidly that people who are not really into the scene have positive things to say, or at least not negative things... (big up active). Mitchell Brothers were on point as per usual, with a good repertoire of tracks and performances and a few new peices. You can catch them in Harrow on friday at the university of westminsters freshers ball, you know where the freshman chicks be at so why are you skining teeth.

Logan Sama saved the day a few times from the decks and bussed some bigger tunes.. big up Osama bin Logan. many many flicks were taken, hold tight for the excluse juice front page news... Most of the fraternity was out, with Jim jams Jammer, Ears, Essentials, Doctor, Collins & Fiddy, Fury and many more.....

Wednesday, 5 October 2005

grime @ fabric

flicks from this night featuring Cameo, Purple (renegade boys) and Jon e Cash (black ops)
some of the photos are now up, check the flickr flash box on the right

hoodies up

ok lets talk bout street politics, It seems to me that most people on the "street level" don’t think politics affects them, wrong! Politixs (lets spell it with a x to make it cool) affects everyone everywhere.

Music can also be political, depending on how you look at the lyrics and so on, for example Sean Paul's new beat on road seems a bit swag and repetitive until YOU actually listen to what he is saying.

The Mitchell Brothers had a hit with routine check, but the real issue here was about “youts in creps” being stopped and searched for no reason. This is even bigger in light of the new terrorism laws.

SO.....this leads me neatly on to an article about hoodies. If you have not guessed already then its related to the picture above. The website featured above is the promo site for Lady Sov's new road banger. Its all about the hoodie. Yes that inflammatory piece of clothing that makes every one around feel intimidated, yeeeeah right.

There was a in the news recently about banning hoodies in public places and giving people ASBOS for using hoodies, sounds a lot like bullhitz to me.... The real issue here is not anti social behaviour its freedom of expression. Britain is fast becoming a legal dictatorship. This worries me.

to find out more about the hoodie and why it is not anti social, check out Sov’s minisite . Its actually informative, also check for flicks of Tinchy, Breeze, Terror Danjah and Jammer in the hoddies.

Remember if you see one of these hoodlums contact Grimestoppers anonymously on

Cover 2:
Lady Sovereign:
A Common Phenomenon ,
"Lady Sovereign can cultivate a broad appeal because there aren't questions about her authenticity. You can't say she's not street enough because she never talks about the drug game or killing people. You can't question her political credibility because she never calls herself a freedom fighter."


The VIBE is back baby

The good people at VIBE CITY are returning with another night this Friday, that’s Friday the 5th of October. Its at the same place as before, that’s Turnmills.

The whole vibe of the night is perfect for anyone who is looking for somewhere to go before a night out, or for the older connoisseur who wants to chill on a Friday but still get back to the babysitter.

People that went to the last one said,

“ It was a good night, perfect for me as I live in the area” (Jane, 25, from Shoreditch)

“Good music, nice people, big up beat treat” (Ron Micheal, 29, Stockwell)

The mixture of music is exactly what we are about, its different fresh and eclectic. If you are in the area then there is really no excuse to not be there..

So like doctor says, “come on” down and chill with us.

63B Clerkenwell Road
£3.00 UKP


This weeks street charts


1. Dogzilla & Danny Weed "Hello" OT
2. Ruff Sqwad "Together Jumping" Ruff Sqwad
3. Moving Ninja "Shellcode" Tectonics
4. N Double A "Monsta Riddim" Mastermind
5. Majestic MC "Kebab Riddim" Maj Funk
6. Fumin "War" UD
7. Emalkay "Missile" Morphic Sounds
8. Slaughter Mob "Tinji" Boka
9. Emalkay "Rain" Morphic Sounds

10. Scuba "Timba" Hotflush


1. Mutiny "The Chase" Wireframe
2. Screwface "Phat Bass" Hardcore Beats
3. Merka "Hug A Speaker" Fat
4. B-Phreak "Chunk Style (Merka Remix)" Fat
5. Phonc "Slust" 10 Kilo
6. Booty Bouncers "Fame And Money (Stanton Warriors Remix)" Rat
7. PMT "Make A Move" 10 Kilo
8. Warren Suicide "I Know U (Dub Pistols Wasted Days Remix)" Fume
9. Friendly "The Bump N Grind (Krafty Kuts Mix)" Fat
10. PMT "Gyromancer (Stanton Warriors Remix)" 10 Kilo


Bruno Belluomini is a brazilian DJ, producer and promoter concerned with
fresh, new forms of music. He runs several weekly and montly projects and
plays at several radio shows. His mixed sets, productions and other

Besides this, Bruno Belluomini is an approved DMC chart returner and his
chart can be found in several online forums and published magazines.

send promos and any thing grime related to

Bruno Belluomini
Alameda Lorena 799 Apto. 103

São Paulo - SP
CEP 01424-001

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

street politics is real politics

check for a new article on hoodies



Monday, 3 October 2005

black history month

I always thought it was a bit strange that black history gets only a month. Black history is not an island, its an integral part of the history of mankind just like every other strand of history. But seeing as its got some focus this month, get out there and make sure you educate yourself.... like the saying goes

" for lack of knowledge my people perish"