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Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Big in the game Hip hop master class

Goldborne youth centre

Nuff love to the crew at EA for letting us pass through, big up especially to Claire and Jaime for hooking this up. This one was defiantly for the kids, with master classes in the arts of emcee-ing, graffiti, music software classes and dj classes..

The whole set up was on a double decker bus, covered in graffiti, so it kind of looked a bit mad but it did not stand out in Labroke grove, that’s saying something for the area. Big up my little brother for passing through and representing and the S2G as well, my brother got some free games so that was him happy for the day. Like Jammer would say Straight Neckeling

Sway and baby blue also passed through but we didn’t bug them as it was kind of their day off, and they were obviously getting ready for the Channel U awards later on that evening. But props to them for showing the kids love.

I know it gets said far too much and it’s a bit clichĂ©, but we need more of these kind of events because they teach youngers to be productive
this was one of the peices painted at the workshop, i didnt get a chance to ask the artist what the meaning was, but the man on the canvas looks a lot like Anthony Blair? But the phrase does not make sense to me...
answers on a postcard to


  1. Very cool post man. These kinds of events would be cool for youngsters. That's whassup. I'm impressed man. Keep up the good work

  2. the you pay they obey comment? suttin to do with how people are puppets for the money? people will do anything for that! i dunno though... that sounds like it was a heavy day, yoots need to get involved in Hip Hop it's good for em!