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Thursday, 6 October 2005

roll deep. last night. cargo

Roll deep, roll deep, everyone knows about roll deep roll deep/ i know your girlfriend knows about roll deep roll deep/ cos she hears you talk about roll deep deep/in the ghetto you know that they roll deep roll deep/singles out on monday so you better roll deep roll deep/to hmv you better roll deep.....

and so on... roll deep were deep. I have not seen these brehs for a good while but it seems like they are making the transition from emcee to artist so rapidly that people who are not really into the scene have positive things to say, or at least not negative things... (big up active). Mitchell Brothers were on point as per usual, with a good repertoire of tracks and performances and a few new peices. You can catch them in Harrow on friday at the university of westminsters freshers ball, you know where the freshman chicks be at so why are you skining teeth.

Logan Sama saved the day a few times from the decks and bussed some bigger tunes.. big up Osama bin Logan. many many flicks were taken, hold tight for the excluse juice front page news... Most of the fraternity was out, with Jim jams Jammer, Ears, Essentials, Doctor, Collins & Fiddy, Fury and many more.....

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