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Wednesday, 5 October 2005

hoodies up

ok lets talk bout street politics, It seems to me that most people on the "street level" don’t think politics affects them, wrong! Politixs (lets spell it with a x to make it cool) affects everyone everywhere.

Music can also be political, depending on how you look at the lyrics and so on, for example Sean Paul's new beat on road seems a bit swag and repetitive until YOU actually listen to what he is saying.

The Mitchell Brothers had a hit with routine check, but the real issue here was about “youts in creps” being stopped and searched for no reason. This is even bigger in light of the new terrorism laws.

SO.....this leads me neatly on to an article about hoodies. If you have not guessed already then its related to the picture above. The website featured above is the promo site for Lady Sov's new road banger. Its all about the hoodie. Yes that inflammatory piece of clothing that makes every one around feel intimidated, yeeeeah right.

There was a in the news recently about banning hoodies in public places and giving people ASBOS for using hoodies, sounds a lot like bullhitz to me.... The real issue here is not anti social behaviour its freedom of expression. Britain is fast becoming a legal dictatorship. This worries me.

to find out more about the hoodie and why it is not anti social, check out Sov’s minisite . Its actually informative, also check for flicks of Tinchy, Breeze, Terror Danjah and Jammer in the hoddies.

Remember if you see one of these hoodlums contact Grimestoppers anonymously on

Cover 2:
Lady Sovereign:
A Common Phenomenon ,
"Lady Sovereign can cultivate a broad appeal because there aren't questions about her authenticity. You can't say she's not street enough because she never talks about the drug game or killing people. You can't question her political credibility because she never calls herself a freedom fighter."


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