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Thursday, 27 August 2009

we are all made of STARs...

technically speaking this is a correct scientific statement... depending on whether you beleive in the big bang or not....

This is also the name of a very cool Song by Moby

10 Gold stars and 50 points for guessing all the stars in order.....

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

What is a Cooptrol - DubBle Bubble vol -1....

We are heading down to Uruguay to find out what is a COOPTROL....? More importantly to get a few words from a Dubstep pioneer from South America.... make sure you got your passport matey... Immigration is well strict at Gatwick

SR: what made you want to make dub music & Who makes the best Dub in you opinion?
CP: Two things: The Mystic of Pioneers, and the techniques they developed. Bill Laswell is a must, I also like Burning Spear dub records, and the electronic dub of Meat Beat Manifesto beats me. Pole is another approach that I like.

SR: Give me a short history for the guys that aint up on the scene in Uruguay....
CP: Well, bass music ain't too big here, young people mostly listen to indy rock or minimal techno. I started back in 95 and slowly pivoted to dub and later dubstep. There are some soundsystem parties here but mostly reggae-oriented.

SR:: Mr Cooptrol, what is your hood like? Do you love your hood or hate it??
CP: My hood is middle-upper class at the seaside of our capital Montevideo. I have been here almost all my life, since I came from South Africa at age 2. I love it. Its full of buildings and nice houses, lots of companies and shopping malls and nightclubs too. The best part is the "rambla" near the beach. Marvellous sightseeing.

SR: give me 1 thing you love about it, and 1 thing you hate
CP As I said, I love the seaside. The thing I hate is that my country has also lots of poor people, who come to richer hoods to search for food and recyclable stuff in the garbage containers. It's not their presence that annoys me, what makes me sad is that they remind me every day of the awful situation of many people here.

SR: what would you change bout it if you were in control?
CP: I would try to make a system where trucks take the recyclable stuff for them to a determined spot, so they can carry on their business without the indignity of searching in other people's trash.

SR:: ps....what is a Cooptrol??
CP: Cooptrol was a trolleybus company that operated in Montevideo for some decades. It was closed in 1990. As a child I used to ride on these old electric-powered english Leyland buses. When I started my project in 2000 I thought it was a nice nostalgic name for my generation, which also implied a somehow "retro-futuristic" technology.

SR:: any current releases??
CP: Next release is a collab with US MC Nongenetic, two dubstep tracks with vocals, plus remixes from the Spezialmaterial label artists, from Switzerland. CD and maybe vinyl. You can check the trax out at my website, on the Soundcloud player. Also I have finished a 5 track dubstep Ep, and I'm looking where to release it. (LABELS... BIG NUDGE...)

SR:: When is the best time to listen to the tracks you sent us... ??
CP At midnight off course. (SR:Your time or ours???)

SR:: What makes u too hood to care star??
CP: That I live in a third world country where doing what I do is much more difficult, so I just go for it with all my energy and brains, and don't expect fantastic results in terms of recognition. I'm just patient and hard working. Don't trust in no auto-hype.

SR:: Any shout outs??
CP To the Duster Recs crew in Milton Keynes: Lee, James and all the labelmates. Also my friends from Spezialmaterial and Everest in Switzerland, Dense recordstore in Berlin, Li from Paris, Experimentaclub from Madrid, Tanox and Discontinu in Barcelona. These are more or less the people that have supported me through the years in Europe.

Check out this set of tracks from Coop

also this guys has a mad amount of web presence...
Facebook, Myspace, his own website and loads more... most of them are below...




Funk in your Trunks Vol. 1.. that is well funk'd Blad

I managed to get hold of SPOOKY BIZZLE... aka SlewDem. He told me what he thinks about a few thing and also gave me a mix... hes gona be down at Chockablocka @ Egg on friday mixing it.. get your skin down there... plus its a free, FREE party.

SR:what ends are you from?

SB: I am from Hackney, born & bred. but irep all corners of London fully.

SR: what is your hood like? Do you love your hood or hate it??

SB:At times ihate my hood, but ilove my hood coz is like no other. when ur out of ends, u miss hearing sirens on a regular or just hearing traffic and seeing the big red buses. we got it comfy in London, truss me.

SR: What would you change bout it if you were Boris?

SB:Build more parks and play areas and spaces for mans to chill....nowadays all our blocks are coded when before, we could fully chill in the car park or on the staircases in every block!

SR: Any current releases??

SB:Joyride EP is out now digitally, exclusive to Grime Digital..but its just a BETA testing ting till they sort out the gremlins. (SR:Hij... that was for you i After that, it should be everywhere else. Then there's the 3 vinyl releases. ( SR:Keeping the name of which under wraps)

SR: Where can people catch you mixing..?

SB:They can catch me on Urban FM ( every friday 12pm-3am and every fortnight wednesdays 8-10pm from 12th aug then the 26th aug then every 2 weeks from then on. and there's Ice Cold 103 FM ( every wednesday 12pm-2am.

Rave/club wise, there's the 100% free entry Chockablock party on 28th Aug @ Egg, Kings Cross and Urban Affair pt 4 on 11th Sept @ Camden Rock.

SR: What kind of mix would you play at carnival this year... ?

SB:I'd give them a bit of every genre going!!! grime, funky, bassline, garage, dubstep, old skool....even a splash of soca, bashment and electro!........ but I aint booked for carnival!!!! (promoters, take a hint!)

SR: See this mix you sent out... when is the best time to listen to it??

SB: I'd say before going out or coming back in...even something for the car on the way to the club or the way back! if you are hungry for more, you can add yourself to my Non Stop Mixing facebook group. (SR:plug plug!!! lool)

SR:What makes u too hood to care star?? (plug plug)

SB:coz my work rate overlaps and slaps guys. thats why im too hood to care star!!!

myspace :

facebook : spooky bizzle (only if u kno me!! dont want it bein flooded with unknowns!!! lol)

facebook group :

twitter :

check out his mix from the man...

and here is a flyer for the rave....

Saturday, 22 August 2009

DJ Jawzy - We Do Dis Propa Vol.1

DJ Jawzy, formerly of Hoodstars, hits up the Grime Podcast with some epic grime material. Presented by S-Star Movements and entitled “We Does Dis Propa Vol.1″ Jawzy interwines classic Maniac and Rude Kid instrumentals for your listening pleasure and what’s more its totally free to download!

get it at this link below...