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Sunday, 23 September 2012

afrobeat sessions volume 10 - East London Grime Meets Nigeria/Ghana in new "summer" anthem (London City) @PrinceRapid

The producer of the track, Prince Rapid, has brought his Grime style fused with elements form drums and bass to the tune featuring  FOB while also incorporating the roots and culture from their African heritage in the vocals.

Drum and Bass was my first love so I feel that its time to fuse it together with various genres – Rapid

The song represents the culture, lifestyle and economic motives of Londoners. The chorus states “the only life I know is living in the London city”; It also raise emphasis on the motive of keeping busy while earning a living.

Fob attacks the verse in Native Nigerian language of Yoruba, painting the picture of what life in london is really about and encouraging Londoners to rise up to generate income.

“While the Nigerian music scene is evolving, let’s bring UK music to Nigeria.” -FOB

Monday, 10 September 2012

@AZARIANDIII- Hungry for the power (@JamieJonesMusic)

This was staple diet in Last week in San Antonio, almost like DC10 was  in the apartment. jheez