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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

@fucktyler - She (feat. @frank_ocean)

Better video than Yonkers? 


 London these guys are in your hood on the 28th in Brickie. South WeezeBaby.

Here is one from Frank - Apparently Ladies love him too. 

@theshoesmusic "TIME TO DANCE" feat.@gyllenhaaljake (official video) shot in Dalston - aka the center of the Crazyverse

A video from French Band called The Shoes (no funny jokes about Clarks) featuring Jake Gyllenhaal. Apparently ladies like him.

I think this was shot in Dalston, I recognise the Alibi and a few other things.

careful - video features flashing lights and graphic violence. And also a fella I used to go to school with. NO NOT Jake Gyllenhaal. Sorry Ladies.

Monday, 26 March 2012

West lONDON SESSIONS vol 18: @incisive1 ft @iamshakka - This Groove [Official Video] |

out today... only 79p. support...

@Manirylondon on the UK FOCUS SHOW with @Kiri_Phoenix 28/03/12 - from 21:30 GMT

Maniry has a feature on a East London based rap music show.

Kiri's UK Focus Show is all about homegrown talent, playing only UK urban music hosted by Kiri Phoenix & Kenkodie (who is actually a sick rapper). 
Each week you can expect a guest interview from some of the best who do it, whether that be Sway, D Double E, Fem Fel or breaking talent found in the shows 'Unknown Exposure' spotlight!

Kiri is a bit of a talent her self - strings on her bow include Journalism, PR and obviously Radio  and artist management (Kenkodie). She is also a Poet and has a blog, I do wish she had told me what it was 

anyway when she does i will tweet it, so make sure you are following and make sure to set a reminder to lock into the show.

To submit music

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tonight - in London Cargo.... ASAP Rocky - Demons (Official Video)

@fabciraolo art work....

I posted some of this guys work to my FB and got some feedback from a few cool cats...

Looking fwd to a exhibition or something by this guy....

check his blog here>>

Mr Ciarolo, if you are reading this.... Starrich would be interested in interviewing you or doing a feature..


Monday, 5 March 2012

Friday, 2 March 2012

West London Sessions vol - 15 / @RevealPoison - Seven Shades

Reveal is one of the `Posionous Poets -
The act (also known as Double P) was founded in 2002 by Reveal. The group also consisted of Doc BrownLowkey, Tony D, Therapist, Stylah and DJ Snips.

If you are into UK hip hop these are names you will recognise.

The link below is for Reveal latest work. NOT FOR FAINT HEARTED. To me it is clear that Reveal has a talent in social commentary and story telling. He does not sugar coat his perspective on street life in the ends.

Track to listen to: 

but the gem is one of the bonus tracks on the download version of the EP: Neva Blink. 
radio friendly bu real as real can be.