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Saturday, 26 August 2006

Another post from SUCKYAMODA


Now EVERY weekday between 6.30pm and 7.30pm you cant reach me. You know why? I am a hollyoaks addict. I like the simplicity of what they do, the acting is crap, the girls are half decent (*** bit of lippy and I would poke em after a drink or 4*****). The plots are inane and all in all it’s a fucking joke.

Now all was going swimmingly with the writing team of Hollyoaks, till some clever Blunt thought, “we haven’t had Negroes on the show in a while, lets get some Negroes”….Why do white folk do this, they think they are being politically correct and im sure their hearts might have been in the right place, but….. but…..but…..Look what we get We get the Valentines:

Mother: Diane Valentine - Deceased
Father: Leo Valentine
Brother: Sonny Valentine
Sister: Sashay Valentine

Previous residence
24 Longton Road,
(on the Fairview Estate)

this is their previous address as stated on the Hollyoaks website even though they all have London accents, (**** what the fuck****)???

The problem with this family, is those WHITE COLONIAL RACIST bastards (WHO PULL THE SRTINGS) have to typecast BLACK families all the time. Could they have been a family that was as affluent as Toni Richardson and own a business? NO NO NO NO, (***** in a kanye-esque style ala No 1********)

Could they have been a stable family unit that were upwardly mobile and all had jobs in media and lived it up? NO NO NO NO NO!

Instead we get, a drunk black father figure who was never there for his kids and slept around with his dead wife’s friends, then walked out on his family and is a gambling addict…with his puffy cheek like a fucking chipmunk… Yes im sure his is a positive role model for all black kids and also it shows a good example of black fathers to all them white kiddies up north and in fucking Shropshire county.

So that’s the dad, now before the moms got licked down by a drunk blunt, she was the typical kinda black mother that they only allow on TV, almost white, worked so so hard to bring up her kids on her own, such a struggle, so much hardship, bad husband and she still HAD TIME, YES, HAD TIME, OH YES TO MAKE CHICKEN (******Don’t forget we black folks love chicken*******).

Ok and to make sure that they didn’t make all black characters negative stereotypes, they made the oldest brother, a policeman, (**** imagine that ****) lets be real, no black people who could get a real job opt to be a coppers

I ain’t even started on this bullshit family they serving us up,

1) Both their parents were dark motherfuckers, but all the kids look mixed

race!!! Can we please have some DARK DARK WESLEY SNIPE LOOKING actors ON T.V!!!

2) The younger brother who is always vex, they are blatantly going to stitch him up as a drug dealer soon enough, and he will have an untimely demise

3) The older brother who is a good guy wears a thin chain all the time and the younger brother who is our BAD-BOY, rocks a chunky silver number. I love the mindset of aging white trendy cocksuckers, IS that the determining factor in if a black guy is a thug or a lover.

Ok so I’m still gonna watch it, I need to find out if Max finally knocks out Claire. Afterward which Obi and Max would proceed to spit roast her.

That would be real entertainment.

So till that happens, im left cringing at what is being broadcast about typical black families to much of Greater England. I mean Hollyoaks is the most watched teen drama in the country so if your black and get weird looks when out in COUNTRY you know whom to blame.

Does anyone know if any of the Hollyoaks writing staff are of ethnic origin, I mean if they hold the reins to the most popular television teen drama, then they have a lot to do with shaping opinions, views and perceptions that are maintained. (****BRING EM OUT, BRING EM OUT, THEY CANT TALK SHIT WHEN THE BARREL IN THEIR MOUTH****)

Quick 1

Leo from the Streets completely flopped it on Celebrity Love Island. I mean, the chick is obviously a “skettle monger”, Callum Best finished her, and dude was still all over it. I mean, what happened to the days of keeping it P.I.M.P. Leo if you’re reading this, you need to phone HITCH!!! Trust me blud, you too used to bedding ‘mindless 13yr old Mike Skinner hand-me-down’ groupies that you forgot your killer instinct blud!! A Lion without its roar.

Educate yourselves bitches….

This Posts Reading Reference IS

Pimp: The Story of My Life (Paperback)

By Iceberg Slim

Questions will be asked next week…


Sunday, 20 August 2006

they read my press release....

they read my press release.... and thought lets get a pro to do it.

Happy Reading....


The debut feature film from award-winning writer/director Julius Amedume "A Goat’s Tail” will premier at The Prince Charles Cinema, London at 8.30 p.m. on Friday, September 1.

This 2 hour dramatic edgy film noir follows the journey of one man (Kojo), whose cautionary tale circles the depths of the dark face of London. Kojo (played by newcomer Godfred Nortey) is a taxi driver and wannabe hustler living and working in Ghana, West Africa. His luck (or so he thinks) is in when he picks up Cynthia (Lesley Cook), a beautiful young British tourist. Cynthia reluctantly promises to invite Kojo to England. Four months later, Kojo arrives on Cynthia's doorstep. Filled with ambitions of fulfilling his dreams of succeeding as a poet and gaining fame and fortune, it soon begins to dawn on him that the grass might not be greener on the other side and people are never quite what they seem….

This exciting new film also guest stars Simon James Morgan (Seed of Chucky), Jason Ramsay (The Fifth Element) and Danny John Jules (Lock Stock…, Blade 2, Red Dwarf), and features the first movie role for two of the seminal voices of the UK underground garage music scene MC Creed and T.

Julius Amedume, Director said I’m really excited and proud to see my labour of love finally make it to the big screen. It’s been a long struggle with a lot of trials, tribulations and limited resources. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of support and the opportunity to work with some the most talented people working not only in film, but spoken word and music. I think it just goes to underpin the current strength of the talent in not just Britain but Africa also. And I hope I can continue to bring a mass audience, compelling characters and interesting stories

The premier, will be followed by Q & A session with Amedume and a number of the film’s stars.

Tickets for the premier are £8. and are available from:

Prince Charles Cinema Box Office:
7 Leicester Place, WC2
0870 811 2559

The After party will be at:
93-107 Shaftesbury Avenue W1
Tickets: Film plus After party tickets are £13 Available from

For further information, press tickets or a press pack, please contact Amedume Films on:

T: +44 (0) 7930 580 012
+44 (0) 7944 520 069
W: and

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

image001, originally uploaded by fip_fashion.

this stunning film premiers
On the first of September
At the prince Charles cinema

Kojo is a taxi driver working the streets of Accra,
He meets a British tourist who promises streets of gold
and an invitation to England.

Kojo arrives unexpected and has a head full of ambition and dreams that need to be fulfilled
It soon becomes apparent that the grass is not always greener on the other side...
and people are not what they seem.

Oh yeah, there is an after party....

And Emcee " we di di did doing it again" Creed is in it, but he wont be doing a live PA of Duppy....


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Monday, 7 August 2006

little chif Kopie

Lil Chif
Soon come EP

Usually when im researching a subject I start with a google search, it always opens up more possibilities and gives me leads to work with. So after receiving Lil chifs “soon come “ EP in the post I sat down and listened to it, and listened to it again, and kept it on repeat on an off and on basis for the whole week.

Usually I get sick of the CD by midweek… however, it may seem like I struck gold, black gold… Adeleke Awoyinka is Nigerian ex pat that has spent much of his time here, and also in Paris hence the strong twang in his voice, which sets him apart from other UK rappers on the market.

With this EP we get an introduction to a very cultured Londoner who epitomises what London is about in this day and age, diversity. Not just racial diversity but artistic diversity. Chif has used this ideal and collaborated with legends from other genres, including Det and Shabba D, Jamelia, Leon Black and Asher D. anyone with good enough research skills can track down some of this material (try google).

The album is defiantly a London slice of life with the first track breaking down the language used on the streets, even though I had the radio edits I could still fill in the naughty bits, the album is a personal view which many people will be able to relate to.

"I spend my time trying to chase my imagination and live my daydreams through my music, apart from that I just sign on and smoke.!?" Chifizm

“London” is based on the Chifs view of london from the borough of hackney or hack town, it breaks down the language used on street level and would be a good tool to have if you just landed in the murky “rues” of london. Go describes a desire to get out of the city even though the artist loves the city… “Breathe” is one of my favourites, poignantly pleas for a change during hard times contrastingly "gimme" flips the script and pokes fun at the materialistic attitude of the music industry and society as a whole.

The whole project is imaginative and eclectic in terms of the themes, the melodies and the content. The beats will reminisce of the music kids from the early 80’s grew up on, and in the case of “know my name” the music that fans of the Beatles grew up on.

Not content with being a musical genius, the Chif stars in animations which can be found on you tube, as well as a well-shot video titled "Sirens". The most enjoyable thing about the artist known as Lil Chif, is the twang he hits the tracks with, very fresh with a hint of African… watch this space for some grime collabs…

Going back to the google search, Lil Chif threw out a good amount of media to keep me busy and keep my mind off writing this review, but it was all worth the while, I now think I understand this nutter a little more…

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New Writer for FIP....

Written by London's Typewriter Sniper*****SUCKYAMODA*******
I dunno, there is a lot of hype, people seem charmed by her school girl-esque performances, and the fact that she sings outta key, and also the fact that she’s a bit plump and the kinda girl who is "the not so fit one standing next to the nice ting you really want to chat to", best hope you got bredrin whos into that sort of thing...
****at times mans just have to do it for the team*******
You feel me?
I did try to listen with an open mind but I find it funny that the standard of music that is allowed to slide by under the "pop" banner is lower
****limbo bitches****
than a lot of the "urban" acts that are not allowed to see the light of day.
Ok, so Plan B, I don’t get it.... dude has a guitar, a lot of anger and some mediocre lyrics,he has been heralded as the new truth, the voice of the youth, the light that shines out of Ken Livingstones arse to beam on london. Im sorry, dude was on the NME awards and they had people in the rows laughing at him, and he cant speak for me cos my mum was never in love with a crackhead. Why cant we have innercity music that celebrates the fact that we all get along, the sun does come out and also that black people need to make some money
****Race card!! Race card!! *****

Maybe im being too harsh, but is it me alone who notices the trend in the kinda of artists that are allowed to slip through the net alright, sway is on the mercury shortlist, which is definitely a good look for us, but so were many others. Is that all we are allowed, a chance at 20K and a plaque, next day paper coverage and then ciao papi

*** Wheres the she-boy who won it last year? *****

We need daytime TV, we need t4, we need Choong family in the big brother house and Radio1/Kiss/Magic/Radio 4/ west Midlands hospital radio & that malteser-head ***Mandela**** playing more than what labels hand over to them during power lunches at some wanky restaurant.

Is it this the kind of condition that forces the migration of the talent from these shores to areas codes in different time zones what happens in 5-10 years time to black music in this country? Are we relegated to having to shuffle from foot to foot from one trend to another, best hope you don’t get too old for the new trend blud, another new name, another free magazine and bunch of critics and hacks to make up fancy new ways of saying the same old shit...

If the end is nigh then we best go out with a bang in closing, if I have missed the true merits of either of the artists that I mentioned, holla at me and show me the truth, cos I personally would have to use their cds as weed plates.
What’s up with Mark Ronson, that bitch is meant to be producing Saigon but he’s chasing Robbie Williams’s batty ass.......



Editors note....
Most people make a quiet entrance with their first article but SUCKYAMODA
has chosen the alternative entrance... get used to him cos he is not going to tone down...

Stay blessed.
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Friday, 4 August 2006

What Tony said to Snoop

What Tony said to Snoop
Tim Dowling
Thursday August 3, 2006The Guardian

The scene: the Sky bar at the Mondrian Hotel, Hollywood, on Monday night where Adidas is hosting a party. Among the guests are several Premiership footballers, Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg and Tony Blair. The prime minister sips a cocktail while admiring the view.
Snoop Dogg approaches.
Snoop Dogg: Yo, Blair.
Tony Blair: You know, I really wish people would stop saying that, it's just ... oh, hello. Puff Daddy, is it?
SD: Call me Snoop.
TB: Always changing your names, you lot. Can't keep up.
SD: Fo' shizzle ma nizzle.
TB: Hmm.
SD: Dat middle east bizzle is out of control.
TB: Well, it not quite as simple as that, you see.
SD: Need a immediate ceasefire, multinational security force in South Lebanon, political framework for a lasting settlement.
TB: Yes, of course. I'm down with that, obviously [attempts a complicated handshake with Snoop. Snoop declines].
SD: You need to get Bush to move on this, him and Condolizzle, got to do the bizzle.
TB: Well I am hoping to persuade them to take a more ...
SD: Can't be the president's bitch all the time.
TB: Look, I don't think it's fair to say I'm his bitch. I find the insinuation, frankly, rather whack.
SD: Time to rethink the whole strategizzle, put together a new agenda on poverty, trade, climate, whatever. All that shit.
TB: Which is, I think you'll find, more or less what I told the World Affairs Council just ...
SD: The World Affairs Council is WAC. Marinate on that, prime mizzle.
TB: Obviously I'll be marinating on a lot of things between now and ... perhaps you'd like to come to Britain in the near future to discuss these ideas further, perhaps speak at the party conference like my close personal friend Bono.
SD: No can do. My boyz got into it at Heathrow duty-free and I been banned.
TB: That was you? You're Ice T?
SD: I'm a Diet Sprite actually, but if you're goin to the bar ...
[The prime minister leaves to talk to Vidal Sassoon]
full marks to Tim...
classic... watch out for the grime sketches...