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Monday, 7 August 2006

little chif Kopie

Lil Chif
Soon come EP

Usually when im researching a subject I start with a google search, it always opens up more possibilities and gives me leads to work with. So after receiving Lil chifs “soon come “ EP in the post I sat down and listened to it, and listened to it again, and kept it on repeat on an off and on basis for the whole week.

Usually I get sick of the CD by midweek… however, it may seem like I struck gold, black gold… Adeleke Awoyinka is Nigerian ex pat that has spent much of his time here, and also in Paris hence the strong twang in his voice, which sets him apart from other UK rappers on the market.

With this EP we get an introduction to a very cultured Londoner who epitomises what London is about in this day and age, diversity. Not just racial diversity but artistic diversity. Chif has used this ideal and collaborated with legends from other genres, including Det and Shabba D, Jamelia, Leon Black and Asher D. anyone with good enough research skills can track down some of this material (try google).

The album is defiantly a London slice of life with the first track breaking down the language used on the streets, even though I had the radio edits I could still fill in the naughty bits, the album is a personal view which many people will be able to relate to.

"I spend my time trying to chase my imagination and live my daydreams through my music, apart from that I just sign on and smoke.!?" Chifizm

“London” is based on the Chifs view of london from the borough of hackney or hack town, it breaks down the language used on street level and would be a good tool to have if you just landed in the murky “rues” of london. Go describes a desire to get out of the city even though the artist loves the city… “Breathe” is one of my favourites, poignantly pleas for a change during hard times contrastingly "gimme" flips the script and pokes fun at the materialistic attitude of the music industry and society as a whole.

The whole project is imaginative and eclectic in terms of the themes, the melodies and the content. The beats will reminisce of the music kids from the early 80’s grew up on, and in the case of “know my name” the music that fans of the Beatles grew up on.

Not content with being a musical genius, the Chif stars in animations which can be found on you tube, as well as a well-shot video titled "Sirens". The most enjoyable thing about the artist known as Lil Chif, is the twang he hits the tracks with, very fresh with a hint of African… watch this space for some grime collabs…

Going back to the google search, Lil Chif threw out a good amount of media to keep me busy and keep my mind off writing this review, but it was all worth the while, I now think I understand this nutter a little more…

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