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Saturday, 26 August 2006

Another post from SUCKYAMODA


Now EVERY weekday between 6.30pm and 7.30pm you cant reach me. You know why? I am a hollyoaks addict. I like the simplicity of what they do, the acting is crap, the girls are half decent (*** bit of lippy and I would poke em after a drink or 4*****). The plots are inane and all in all it’s a fucking joke.

Now all was going swimmingly with the writing team of Hollyoaks, till some clever Blunt thought, “we haven’t had Negroes on the show in a while, lets get some Negroes”….Why do white folk do this, they think they are being politically correct and im sure their hearts might have been in the right place, but….. but…..but…..Look what we get We get the Valentines:

Mother: Diane Valentine - Deceased
Father: Leo Valentine
Brother: Sonny Valentine
Sister: Sashay Valentine

Previous residence
24 Longton Road,
(on the Fairview Estate)

this is their previous address as stated on the Hollyoaks website even though they all have London accents, (**** what the fuck****)???

The problem with this family, is those WHITE COLONIAL RACIST bastards (WHO PULL THE SRTINGS) have to typecast BLACK families all the time. Could they have been a family that was as affluent as Toni Richardson and own a business? NO NO NO NO, (***** in a kanye-esque style ala No 1********)

Could they have been a stable family unit that were upwardly mobile and all had jobs in media and lived it up? NO NO NO NO NO!

Instead we get, a drunk black father figure who was never there for his kids and slept around with his dead wife’s friends, then walked out on his family and is a gambling addict…with his puffy cheek like a fucking chipmunk… Yes im sure his is a positive role model for all black kids and also it shows a good example of black fathers to all them white kiddies up north and in fucking Shropshire county.

So that’s the dad, now before the moms got licked down by a drunk blunt, she was the typical kinda black mother that they only allow on TV, almost white, worked so so hard to bring up her kids on her own, such a struggle, so much hardship, bad husband and she still HAD TIME, YES, HAD TIME, OH YES TO MAKE CHICKEN (******Don’t forget we black folks love chicken*******).

Ok and to make sure that they didn’t make all black characters negative stereotypes, they made the oldest brother, a policeman, (**** imagine that ****) lets be real, no black people who could get a real job opt to be a coppers

I ain’t even started on this bullshit family they serving us up,

1) Both their parents were dark motherfuckers, but all the kids look mixed

race!!! Can we please have some DARK DARK WESLEY SNIPE LOOKING actors ON T.V!!!

2) The younger brother who is always vex, they are blatantly going to stitch him up as a drug dealer soon enough, and he will have an untimely demise

3) The older brother who is a good guy wears a thin chain all the time and the younger brother who is our BAD-BOY, rocks a chunky silver number. I love the mindset of aging white trendy cocksuckers, IS that the determining factor in if a black guy is a thug or a lover.

Ok so I’m still gonna watch it, I need to find out if Max finally knocks out Claire. Afterward which Obi and Max would proceed to spit roast her.

That would be real entertainment.

So till that happens, im left cringing at what is being broadcast about typical black families to much of Greater England. I mean Hollyoaks is the most watched teen drama in the country so if your black and get weird looks when out in COUNTRY you know whom to blame.

Does anyone know if any of the Hollyoaks writing staff are of ethnic origin, I mean if they hold the reins to the most popular television teen drama, then they have a lot to do with shaping opinions, views and perceptions that are maintained. (****BRING EM OUT, BRING EM OUT, THEY CANT TALK SHIT WHEN THE BARREL IN THEIR MOUTH****)

Quick 1

Leo from the Streets completely flopped it on Celebrity Love Island. I mean, the chick is obviously a “skettle monger”, Callum Best finished her, and dude was still all over it. I mean, what happened to the days of keeping it P.I.M.P. Leo if you’re reading this, you need to phone HITCH!!! Trust me blud, you too used to bedding ‘mindless 13yr old Mike Skinner hand-me-down’ groupies that you forgot your killer instinct blud!! A Lion without its roar.

Educate yourselves bitches….

This Posts Reading Reference IS

Pimp: The Story of My Life (Paperback)

By Iceberg Slim

Questions will be asked next week…


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