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Monday, 7 August 2006

New Writer for FIP....

Written by London's Typewriter Sniper*****SUCKYAMODA*******
I dunno, there is a lot of hype, people seem charmed by her school girl-esque performances, and the fact that she sings outta key, and also the fact that she’s a bit plump and the kinda girl who is "the not so fit one standing next to the nice ting you really want to chat to", best hope you got bredrin whos into that sort of thing...
****at times mans just have to do it for the team*******
You feel me?
I did try to listen with an open mind but I find it funny that the standard of music that is allowed to slide by under the "pop" banner is lower
****limbo bitches****
than a lot of the "urban" acts that are not allowed to see the light of day.
Ok, so Plan B, I don’t get it.... dude has a guitar, a lot of anger and some mediocre lyrics,he has been heralded as the new truth, the voice of the youth, the light that shines out of Ken Livingstones arse to beam on london. Im sorry, dude was on the NME awards and they had people in the rows laughing at him, and he cant speak for me cos my mum was never in love with a crackhead. Why cant we have innercity music that celebrates the fact that we all get along, the sun does come out and also that black people need to make some money
****Race card!! Race card!! *****

Maybe im being too harsh, but is it me alone who notices the trend in the kinda of artists that are allowed to slip through the net alright, sway is on the mercury shortlist, which is definitely a good look for us, but so were many others. Is that all we are allowed, a chance at 20K and a plaque, next day paper coverage and then ciao papi

*** Wheres the she-boy who won it last year? *****

We need daytime TV, we need t4, we need Choong family in the big brother house and Radio1/Kiss/Magic/Radio 4/ west Midlands hospital radio & that malteser-head ***Mandela**** playing more than what labels hand over to them during power lunches at some wanky restaurant.

Is it this the kind of condition that forces the migration of the talent from these shores to areas codes in different time zones what happens in 5-10 years time to black music in this country? Are we relegated to having to shuffle from foot to foot from one trend to another, best hope you don’t get too old for the new trend blud, another new name, another free magazine and bunch of critics and hacks to make up fancy new ways of saying the same old shit...

If the end is nigh then we best go out with a bang in closing, if I have missed the true merits of either of the artists that I mentioned, holla at me and show me the truth, cos I personally would have to use their cds as weed plates.
What’s up with Mark Ronson, that bitch is meant to be producing Saigon but he’s chasing Robbie Williams’s batty ass.......



Editors note....
Most people make a quiet entrance with their first article but SUCKYAMODA
has chosen the alternative entrance... get used to him cos he is not going to tone down...

Stay blessed.
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  1. saigon is signed to fortknoxx now by Just Blaze, he dont fuck wit mark ronson