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Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Raekwons birthday bash


Well who knows how old he is, and why does his birthday fall on different weeks, maybe its something like the queens birthday. Cos he is like a king or a legend of hip-hop. But for me this guy was overshadowed by the brehs that warmed up the stage for him.

I was in the queue for God knows how long; I am putting it at about an hour and a half! And this was the guest list and reservations queue. Preposterous! BUT it does not really matter how long you wait when Reveal, Lowkey and Mike GLC are in the same Q as you. When I got in, I finally caught up with the rest of the raving crew and then started vibeing.

Ka lash, Scribs and Kyza did some old stuff, and some new stuff. All the moves they made were banging, the boys were so on point. Then of course what every one was waiting for, “murda”…. And everyone in the house was singing the words. Also in the house with the boys were Capo, Lethal and some members of the grime frat house of East London.

I got what I expected from Raekwon, and I was a little disappointed that he didn’t really move me, the new album drops soon so that should make up for it. I t would have been great to get some of the Wu on stage as well, but hey, I got in free and beggars cant be choosers. Thanks to Nuala from KOKO’s press office. Also bigging up David and Cleo who raved it up with me. Love to Harry, and Sarah for hosting such a big star. Cant speak about anyone else on the bill because me nah see your face pon stage, see me!

Watch out for some footage coming your way from an exclusive with the TF boys after the event….



  1. I'm digging the posts man. Hip Hop is love na' mean. Come check me out sometime. From NYC na mean'.

  2. yeah I can imagine Rae might've put on a slightly dissappointing show to be honest... i'd much rather see terra firma they're live... when you said cappo was there did you mean THE cappo as in notts/heavy bronx or some other cat?

    nice blog...

    check some time, similar sorta shit to you...