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Monday, 11 September 2006

Bag of sand – Spitz Of Renwick

The review
Bag of sand – Spitz Of Renwick

Bag of sand is an interesting concept in its self as it has many metaphors. Just from looking at the stunning inside cover photo artwork you will notice that the idea of using bags of sand as defensive tools is explored as well as the cockney rhyming slang for "grands". Im not too sure what Spitz is trying to defend, but from the overtly positive tone it must be the posterity of UK Hip Hop.

Spitz is a unique character in the landscape of UK Hip hop. He probably stands alone with Mecca to Medina as the only Hip-hop in England with an Islamic tint. Although this is not so blatant on the album, when you do meet Spitz this becomes apparent.

He sometimes sounds as if he is preaching on the album, which can be hard to digest for an ear that is not trained in hearing this kind of music. At times he switches up his flow to suit the vibe of the track. A prime example is “don’t look back”. Another track that smacks of antiquity is the "cry blud". The Skippy vibe of this makes it a pleasure to listen to.

“Cry blud” is an obvious play on street slang. Another look at street culture is explored on track number nine with a famous sample that you will all recognise instantly if you are fans of Ashley Walters or not. The track tries to explore what the problem associated with street culture is. In my view this subject needs to be tackled again from a different point of view. Possibly a track with two people representing both sides of the argument.

The ideal behind representing both sides of the argument is somewhat lost on certain tracks as the Spitz relays how he feels about politics, war, gun culture, drugs and street life. At times spitz leaves these major issues, concentrates on his inner self, and lets us into his world and the events that have shaped him as a person and inevitably as an artist.

“Clocks ticken” with Faith SFX the UK beatbox champ and Purple, aka Purple Simba show us how he can express deep emotions that we are all aware of such as death, an event we will all have to deal with at some point in life. The same subject is delved into on “Say Goodbye”.

Nevertheless, there is more than one strand running through the album, and global politics is a major part of this. Home politics is the second strand. The other is the curse of human nature. If you are having relationship problems then have a close listen to Smoke, and “1 try”.

Spitz seems to shine most with a constellation of other stars behind him, and my track numero uno on the album has got to be No 6. I wont tell you who is on it, but the diversity of artist will make it a definite wheel up for all the conscious and non-conscious backpackers.

Its is rready for purchase with a custom made bag, not a bag of sand but a bag with the sort of amterial sand comes in. Make sure you get you collectors items, in Uptown, And other outlets. If you cant find it just contact one of the myspaces below directly.

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