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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Can I get some Chips with that??

So Chipie is number 1, good on him! This year is probably the best year so far for UK "urban" music, with Ndubz, Wiley, Dizzie, Stryder and a load of other artists penetrating the UK mainstream and some scoring top hits.

Chips beat Jay -Z and the lovely Saturdays to the spot, which goes to show what can happen if you use your head, and we all know he got a big one - OPPSY DAISY!lol. I reckon that the year is not over by far even though its almost Xmas, look out for the new one from Ndubz!

Interestingly all the media outlets do not know how to categorise the young gun... rapper, rnb? who cares anyway, keep flipping them Chips and stacking them hits Chip.

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