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Monday, 19 October 2009


Who is Ze?? Well to put it in a word, she is glam...glam…glam and damn is she Preeeety damn bright or what...? But I like bright so that can work, the lady is as exuberant as her wardrobe, a fashion designer, musician and loads of other things rolled into a sexy feminine frame.

When I first encountered the young diva, she was quoting Marilyn, Monroe not Manson... so YOU CAN imagine what kind antics ensue during a night on the town with Ze-miester... I wanted to interview Ze and try and capture in words the snapshot of who she is, I tried my hardest but it looks like you are just going to have to watch the video she shot quite recently...

Oh yeah before I forget, Happy Birthday Ze! Birthdays officially last for a week in my world cos these days you can never fit everyone in over the course of one night…..

NOW... heres the interview... enjoy

SR: Ze Ze!!!! first question is!!!!!! What is your hood like? Is it love or hate?

ZE: My neighbourhood is Subang Jaya and it is the kind of place where everybody knows everybody and is filled with workaholics. People are comfortable here and most of us can't quite imagine living in a different neighbourhood within the city. I'd say it's full of LOVE, at least when we're not on the road driving.

SR: what ends are you from?

ZE: I Dont quite understand this q! do you mean my city? Kuala Lumpur!

SR: What 3 things would you change about the world if you were Zebama? lol.


1) no racism

2) no globalization

3) female empowerment. ladies, if you want to be treated equally then stop playing the victim.

But to change the world; i'll have to first change me, my perception towards things, and then encourage others to do the same.

SR: what is more powerful, fashion or music??

ZE: In my world, i'd say music because nothing brings people together like music. Period.

SR: what would you say your influences are in fashion and music..

ZE: strong ladies like Madonna, beautiful places i've been to like Byron Bay, fashion designers like Betsey Johnson and just everything i read, watch, experience can directly or indirectly influence my work.

SR: what inspires your fashion designs and how do you think fashion and music interact?

ZE: I try to look beyond fashion to find ideas for my designs. Like, reading a book or watching a movie that has nothing to do with fashion whatsoever and put the 2 things together. At the moment, i am crazy over wild animal prints. They look gorgeous next to neon colours. ........... Music is something you hear, and fashion is something you see so when the 2 things are combined to compliment each other it makes the art that much stronger because the audience is able to experience you in more ways than one.

SR: where can they hear you at?

ZE: My last release was the Catwalk EP which was a collaboration with Defunct! and included remixes from various artists from Dandy Kid Records. I'm currently working on my full-length album which is scheduled to be out within the next couple of months!

SR: What makes U too hood to care star?

ZE: i'd like to think it's because i've chosen to be myself and do my thing. It may sound simple, but most people are afraid to do just that.

Ze has music releases scheduled for next year, and it should, it will be colourful! Check the site below for all her jump offs…

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