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Friday, 18 November 2005

one for the ladies

Saturday 19 November, 1-5.30PM
Venue to be announced.

On Saturday the 19 November the 100 Black Men will host a special event to commemorate Rosa Parks' passing. The main feature will be the award- winning Rosa Parks' Story starring academy award-winning actress Angela Bassett , but we will also present films which show other African women who have made a stand and changed society.
Make sure you bring your sons, daughters and friends to share in this unique event and prepare to be inspired and uplifted...

The Rosa Parks Story
Angela Bassett was nominated for an Emmy award for her portrayal of Rosa Parks in 2002. We see her life as a child growing up in the deep south and later as the woman who refuses to give up her seat in 1955, 10 years after African-Americans had fought and died for ‘democracy’ in World War 2.
This compelling true story demonstrates the power a singe act of defiance can have over an ancient tradition of injustice.

Claudia Jones Story
A journalist ,civil rights activist, refugee Claudia Jones is not recognised enough for her contributions to black British history.
Apart from editing the West Indian Gazette in the 1950’s and campaigning against the colour bar she was also responsible for establishing the annual Carnival we now call Notting Hill.
This short documentary on her life will give you lots of information about the civil rights movement in this country .

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