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Friday, 18 November 2005

news flash...caps can live longer

Cap cleaner

Ok, ok, so you just got home, you take off your new era cap, still with the tag on. You put it down for a second and then you notice something on the cap… what, ketchup stain, or is it chilli sauce from that kebab? It doesn’t matter.

Quickly you rush to the kitchen and locate your cap cleaner… oh you have not heard about cap cleaner? Come on up your speed bruv! Cap cleaner is the new thing for the roads. It’s a study basket that keeps your cap in shape, especially that precious straight peak.

I have been waiting for this for ages, after I realised that he dry cleaners had no idea what was going on… yes my cap was ruined. I won’t name the establishment but ok.

So if you want to keep your cap crisp, then keep it real with a cap cleaner.

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