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Tuesday, 22 November 2005


Overground V

Overground should really be called underground… but then that would mean that we are lighting a lamp and keeping it under a bushel, and its not that time at all…

Overground takes music from outside the mainstream and showcases its. In the last year it seems that the movement has really come of age, and events like this are key to the core of what we are trying to achieve. This was not just an event for ravers; there were photographers, journalists, and industry professionals.

The turnout was impressive for a dangerously cold Wednesday night, but the line up demanded a good-sized crowd. The main genres represented were, bashment, and the UK spit scene. But there was a funk rock act, rnb from Nathan, and African hip-hop.

Savana took the stage first and blessed the crowd with the bashment vibe, this set the pace for Ruby Classic. Along side Ruby was Stammer who dropped some bars over some bashment tracks and some more well known beats. Watch out for new bits from those artists. Next we had the sultry voice of BabyChan, 1/3 of the Suncycle crew. The rest of the group jumped on stage later with JD, who was adamant that he was there to “hentertain”. JD manages to squeeze a violinist, a break dancing emcee, Nathan, Whitey, Midas, Bashy, and Suncycle on stage before ending with a few of his bits.

In between the bashment and JD we had Funky DL, fresh from Japan with some old and new bits. I was feeling the use of the Michael Jackson sample. The UK spit scene was represented further with some New Shape music from Unorthodox. And that’s Unorthodox not NoLay as she reminded the host and the crowd. Watch out for new bits from this camp and a cameo from NoLay on Shystie's new drama.

Nathan repped for the ladies crew with his street anthem “come into my room” and “round and round” his new piece currrently on rotation on the U network. If you have not got Sky you can join the campaign to get U on to the freeview and cable networks, go to the site to find out more.

The prizes for innovation and novelty had to go to JJC and The Thirst. Afropean hip hop and funk rock respectively. The Thirst are a south London collective, to hear what they sound like hit up the email address and get a free sample. You will be pleasantly surprised. JJC managed to educate the masses on a little bit of Nigerian culture and drew parallels between US, Caribbean and UK black culture.

Unfortunately we did not get to see SLK but hopefully you can catch them at the next Underground sorry I mean Overground in March when it should be a little warmer outside. Full marks to Akosua, the big cheese at Overground, check her out in the New Nation.

pictures from this night soon come alongside the review from Excalubahs Mixtape Launch... sorry for delays but its all technical!!

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