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Friday, 18 November 2005

draw for dat dub...


Dub plate drama, is real…. After we had lord of the decks, we had bullet boy, now we got a sitcom. Seems like the scene is moving at an amazing rate. Let’s hope it comes together.

Dubplate Drama, the worlds first interactive mobile, online, terrestrial and digital television drama series. Currently on Channel 4, E4, E4+, MTV, MTV BASE, PSP and 3(mobile network).
Dubplate drama is drama from the roads, starring Shystie… and also two of our boys Marcy and Hypa formally of Dynasty, but we won’t get into that just yet.

Shystie's Character is a female called Dionne aka Pressure, who is a normal girl with a big talent and ambition to match it. Her first mission - to get her Dubplate cut. The second - to get famous. It's a long road. She's going to meet plenty of people who can help her make it. And plenty of people who are going to try and hold her back. Her fate is in your hands.

In episode 1, Dionne ventures across London to visit a pirate radio station, but the visit doesn't go according to plan. Soon after Dionne stumbles upon a crew from a rival station sabotaging the rig and is drawn into a longstanding rivalry between the two crews. And it's up to you to decide what happens next.
The figures
The Sunday repeat of Dubplate Drama received 0.3million viewers and had 8% share of the total audience beating BBC1 and ITV. The figures were near the same as most flagship shows on T4.

Check out the spiel below and also take note of the options for this next week’s episode. Remember that you can help decide what happens.

Associations with 3, Sony PSP, Talk to FRANK, MTV and Channel 4 mean the show is not only a compelling piece of urban drama and quality storytelling, nor is it just the best quality rapping from uk artists that will have ever been televised, nor is it only a true worlds first when it comes to interactive drama, but its also a highly sophisticated interactive communications campaign addressing important social issues and providing information and advice to young people who traditional marketing channels fail to reach.
DOWNLOADS AND REPEATSso if you have your very own PSP, you can head over to the website and download the weeks episode, plus additional content *this week will be freestyles by Roll Deep*.If you unfortunately don't own one, then you can watch the show on Channel 4 every Saturday at 12 am and if you miss it, then you can catch it again as it repeats 3 times during the week on channel 4, twice on MTV BASE, twice on MTV, Every Friday on PSP and Anytime on 3 (mobile network) and you can also download, Dionne’s Diaries plus exclusive music videos only on 3.

Sunday night 21:00pm MTVbaseSunday night 00:25pm Channel 4Tuesdays 11:30pm E4 (from week 2) Tuesdays 12:30pm E4 + 1 (from week 2) Tuesdays 11:00pm MTV UKWednesdays 11:00pm MTV BaseWednesday 00:50 Channel 4

Even more content is available on your mobile, exclusive additional scenes, specially created music and videos and behind the scenes weekly Dubplate Diaries, alongside a 3 minute cut down of each week’s installment viewable on your mobile via 3.
You can text in and choose how you want the next episode to turn out choosing from a, A OR B question, texts only cost 10p and you can vote as many times as you wish or you can go to the official website and get voting from there.. Click here to vote --> The dilemma this week is, should Dionne get in the car with the guys she's only just met?If you think she should text DUBPLATE A to 83188 orif you think she should run text DUBPLATE B to 83188Texts cost 10p..

Lastly to catch up on missed episodes, read about the characters or learn the background to the story visit Sign up to receive exclusive footage and watch past episodes.


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