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Thursday, 15 September 2005

TOP 100 DJs

DJ MAG TOP 1'ers

for those of you that really like music and have a favorite DJ, its time to vote for them. DJ mag are running their annual top 100. this is a top 100 of djs from around the globe. It would be nice to get some representation from the UK scene up in here, as you know FIP is all about repping the UK Street Scene, no pun intended! And now with more djs than ever doing this it is possible to hear these sounds
Check out shows from MK, Logan Sama, Cameo, Semtex Aftershock Camp and so on, not to mention our favorite pirates such as React, Freeze, Rinse and De ja. Then theres the internet stations... but We wont bore you to death.. so get on it... err now!

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