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Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Old skool pressure

Old Skool Pressure

The last time I went to an old skool event was…. Ok I don’t actually remember at all, but it could not have been as good as this event. Big up the Back to skool team for this instalment of old skool pressure. We arrived quite late but as soon as we walked through the door the vibes were on point. Sharky P was on the mic blazing some old skool sing a long lyrics.

Its always nice to hear tunes that remind you of better times, old skool tunes are just this. The vibes took me right back to exposure at coliseum, the glasshouse, twice as nice and garage fever. I’m not gona go into an old skool vibes are so happy rant but the vibes were live. It’s a shame more people don’t frequent these types of events. The next old skool instalment from this team is on the 29th of this month and is at the red rooms as well. Make sure you get your skin down there, and if you are from west London you have no excuse.


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