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Saturday, 24 September 2005

footie films

Green Street (18) (Lexi Alexander, 2005)

Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunman, Claire Forlani

109 mins

This is basically a footie film that explores the issues of hooliganism; its gritty but is a fairly accurate documentation. This is probably due to the fact that the director was once part of a firm. It’s based on the Green Street Elite from the Westham side of town, and shows the story of Elijah wood a student who gets caught up in the scene. Its got an anti violence message and gets the backing of West Ham FC. Verdict… ave some of that! Get me…

Another footie film just opened up this week as well. I wonder where the inspiration for the title "Goal!" came from? hmmm. But apart from that its getting rave reviews from everyone. Ashley Walters has a cameo, watch out for his forthcoming role in the fiddy cent movie. B ut more on that later, This films seems to have pulled no punches as it includes teams such as Man U, Brayne Munich, and of course Newcastle. its the story of Santiago Munez aka Kuno Becker, a Mexican from LA who ends up playing forNewcastle United . without spoiling it too muc, the second goal will be set in Mardrid and the third at the World cup. Some say this is just mass marketing, but thats not gona stop the fottie heads reaching. Verdict, Serious!

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