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Wednesday, 21 September 2005

Phuturehype femcee finals

Firstly big up all the people who attended the event, this is the second year this has run and it is a blessing for the scene. It gives the female branch of the scene a chance to shine bright. And they did.

Bethnal green was the venue of choice, big shout to all the contestants. Especially the winner Shorty D (above bottom). Close runner up was Angel (above top), I feel she has a lot to give to the game in terms of wit and relevance to the now, shes is sort of just like Plan B. Big up you girl, I was especially feeling the accapella.

The judges were on point and made the right decision (the judges are never wrong, just like teachers at school) but what a hard choice it was. Nchyx represented the north of the country (pictured above) , for those of you who know she has been down at deal real. Phoebe One did not turn up, (shame on you!) but Baby Blue was in the crowd, probably checking out the competition. There needs more support from other people of notability especially prominent females within the UK scene. DJ, professionals and emcees stand and be counted.

Apart from the female input we had the pleasure of seeing a dace crew also from the ends, The Familia were very impressive, showing a great degree of personality from different individuals. I would have like to have seen more group performances. Watch out for a website coming soon, you lot will get the update and the links when its there.

As per usual the NW crew were in the house and the Shaolin crew showed us their tiger style, tenchu, shinobi manoeuvres. Watch out fro media productions from this camp. I myself have never understood the NW west divide, seems pointless to me but anywho… this event will be back next year and will just keep getting bigger. God bless Dame Destini.

For the rest of the pictures from the night and a more in depth review please check out the Phuturehype web and other associtated press


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