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Monday, 21 May 2007

Two shoes are better than one.

By now you should be fully into the first few mixes from karma, So while you are up and away, ill take you to the first of many events from a new promotions company called 2Shoes or twoshoes.

Notting Hill Gate is the upmarket uptown between the central london area and the rest of london, it is also home to the Blag Club. Slightly small but homely, with enough space for 150 people. Slightly small but homely, with enough space for 150 people. 2 shoes had us wall to wall, then there was the tombola.

Music policy was as urban as you can get with old school garage, hip hop and funky house on rotation from both En-I and Goods delivered the goods and keep the crowd moving till home time.

The promotions company are running more than nightclub events; watch out for the PROEVO6 soccer tournament coming soon to west London. As well as this the company is looking for confident, presentable, positive people to run guest lists for forthcoming events.

If you think you can bring high numbers of positive people to '2 Shoes' events, get in contact via the myspace -

Oh yeah, the pictures from the night will be up soon enough.

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