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Monday, 21 May 2007

May showers Down

The last few weeks have been busy, hence why there has been no fresh writing since Easter…

Hoodstars are doing big things, watch this space. This month we have bits and pieces as the flavour starts to hot up for summer! We are about to diversify, a little bit.

The rave scene in the ends has changed up, west camp are having the first of many open air events in Acton Park next month. Hammersmith Palais has now closed down for good meaning that a lot of people are left with no where to go.

On the up side there is always Fulham, Chiswick, Ealing and Notting Hill Gate. Notting hill gate was the scene of the first “Be” – a two shoes promotion event. Before I go any deeper, I want you to stretch your mind as far back as Mac fm and ice fm. Think of the renegade boys, and think of Goodness. Not hard is it.

I hear you asking why? Goodness is half of the promotional outfit; the other fifty percent is DJ En-I from Uptown records. Anyway. More about that in a while.

This month I got to sample the free mixtape from young dots myspace, an O.G. sampler courtesy of NE, a DJ Karma funky house mix picked up at BE and a mix cd from Dilemma aka Dile M for danger (Artila). Alongside this we got a taster of Wolf’s “You will go blind if you look in my head”. Watch out for volume 2 coming very soon. Hoodstars also graced Dj Sketche’s show on manic.

On the subject of radio shows, the Legacy show is set to return later on this month with full force. That’s SKFM.ORG.UK. Thursdays 8 till 10 baby. So without further ado – lets get onto this months mixtape madness.

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