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Monday, 21 May 2007


Y.D.O.T This Is The Beggining Mix

Track listing –
1.Cats on my line
2.Think you’re a top mc
3.Over and over
4.I violate cause im a sinner
5.Dirty south salute feat
6.Ride or die feat
7.Don’t chat shhhh
8.Top gangsters
9.If I while out
10.Get out the hood
11.Got my head screwed on
12.I ve been broke for so long
13.I have to stay strong

If you don’t know Young Dot, then you may have been asleep for the last few years or just unaware of some of the beats that he has provided to the scene. Rewind back to practice hours II and catch him on the essentials section.

One hundred percent Jamaican, this is the Doctor Dre of South London, hailing from SW9 area and parring in Stockwell and Brixton. Dot is the newest member of the hoodstars movement. This piece of work is prior to his official inception into the group, but is by no means a lesser work.

The line up includes Hoodstars from the south London area such as Doctor, Zero, Little Dee, AsherD, Jendor, Fugee and many more.

The track selection is a good example of what Young Dot has to offer as both an emcee and a producer. From a production point of view, the favourite tracks in the office were – (in no particular order) if I while out, Cats on my line and Get out of the hood. Lyrics-wise, Get out of the Hood and Cats on my line were the to favourite tracks along with I been broke.

As a hood emcee, Dot seems to be torn between a benevolent force and a less positive energy, I violate, contrasts with the message put across by get out of the hood as do dirty south salute and got my head screwed on. However, even through the slightly mixed message Dot seems to be calling out to the Hood, the ends, the bits, asking them to be more aware. Its not a message saying be as righteous as you can, but it is saying wake up and become conscious.
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