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Thursday, 10 September 2009


this is the full version of an article placed on the Grime Forum website...Big Up Hij for the link up... nuff blessings...

There is also a mix from DJ Jawzy... AND of course you can see the pictures on our webspaces as you well know...



"Good Artists Shine, Great Artists Steal Shine" or talent copies, but genius steals.

What has this got to do with the clothing line? Without sounding narcissistic, before Too Hood To Care Star hit the streets no one was using that slogan to its full potential. Then all of a sudden there were two.

Too Hood To Care Star and Star in the Hood. Which one you veer towards depends maybe on who you are.

These two brands often get confused for obvious reasons. It is great that Tinchy Stryder is making moves because it opens doors for the whole of the UK. SO it is time to lay to rest the rumour that he copied or remixed the slogan on the Too Hood tee… it is all coincidental, however the fact remains that all the good artists borrow, but the best ones take an idea and make it epic.

It is a given process, any person whom believes it is not is most likely covering up for some sort of plagiarism; it is a given process, one even these tees are also guilty as charged with. In late 2006, I came across a tee, which had the slogan – Too Hood to Care.

My first thought was that the shirt had been sent to me by some divine method, seeing as that week the guys had a set at a rave and needed new attire. Now all I had to do now was get some for free. The response from the company that made the tee was not the desired one, so the tee had to be bootlegged; admittedly I did this with no shame. The bootleg was more relevant as it represented the group more so.

So I stole, sorry - remixed the idea and it became much more prolific than the original tee… After the feed back from the tee returned it was apparent that there was no point borrowing the idea.

Unfortunately the tees created to promote the group outlived the group itself. As we all know, Hood Stars are not together as they were at their peak, the formation has changed a bit, but they are still the best team in the scene. Most ideas come from a flow of energy that results in a moment of insightfulness. There is no denying that the energy needed to create this epic slogan came from bouncing off the Infamous Hoodstars, nevertheless insight is what it is regardless.

Right now Too Hood To Care Star is being taken care of by its umbrella brand StarRich Couture. Just as with the Hoodstars situation, the brand is still building links in all the creative “street” arts and trying to support artists that are controversial or that have something to say and want to make history not be a part of it.

Whether that means taking something and making it better or making something from scratch…I hope this article, the mix from DJ Jawzy and the brand at large, in turn influences a change in you to do something epic, although the slogan does read Too Hood To Care Star it does not subtitle as Too Ignorant to Change.

Stay Bless, Get StarRich.

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