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Saturday, 5 September 2009


I got these off grime forum and then wondered should a man of my age be reading grime forum? Apparently they have a wider demographic then I knew... a few of my mates my age and older read it.. say no more eh..

The Furious Mixtape is kinda older than the Magic mixtape but is still a good collection of tracks, also there is a half hour Tim and Barry studio set with Chip, Max, Ice and Little D. - TRACK TO CHECK - TALK OF THE TOWN by ICE.

link to Furious tape.

DJ Magics tape is to promote his No Hats No Hoods Release, the mix has got some old school bangers on it, Like Chip on that garage remix of the lighter tune and Fris on Melody. Some of you young guys will probably never have seen these in vinyl form... all cos of itunes.

here is the linkage, Thanks you Hij.

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