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Thursday, 5 July 2007

THE LOST CON - G.Acheampong

Synopsis: After a near death encounter with an intruder in his house, James Turner, grandson of a legendary professional boxer, discovers that the man he has bound to a chair and overpowered was in his house for one reason and one reason only -to steal his most priced possessions. He had come armed with a side nine, to make sure nothing stood in his way. After finding a set of keys on the intruder, Turner realizes that they are the same set of keys he had given to his girlfriend. Caught in a state of turmoil, he fears for the safety of his girlfriend. Dreading the worst that could have happened, James Turner is determined to get answers off the rather silent intruder even if it meant adopting the most unconventional methods of persuasion. He had a beautiful plan. But sometimes the most beautiful plan goes wrong. Especially if you have carefully been chosen for the last con by a pair of cutthroat con artists.

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