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Thursday, 19 January 2006


wiley lets off
Originally uploaded by fipmag.

Late review but better later than never! The event was good. The turnout was amazing for the night it was on, cold, wednesday, before new years eve. Props to the promoter.

The night started off with old skool in the baby box. but the night did not really warm up till riko and gift jumped on the set. Roll deep murked, full marks for dropping old skool as welll as grime. As did essentials and meridian. plastician was on point as was bossman who hit the decks hard with nuff dub plates.

The bouncers tried in vain to calm down the mosh pit...(pictures on the slideshow link below trim) not to mention stopping artists getting in and out of the dj box and making them take new era hats off, and making the murkle guy come down off the top of the dj box (ok, ill let them off on that one because he could have fallen and bruk himself).. Have they no respect!! all in all a gd night.

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