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Wednesday, 25 January 2006



A line up you’d want on your 21st birthday, but the night was a bit mellower than I expected. Lethal B, Twista and Fire Camp represented fully with a good repertoire of tracks including everyone’s favourite one “Oi”.

Roll Deep left me a bit disappointed, they were in most people’s opinion the main event. However problems with the mics and sound levels meant that the set did not flow. My expectation of a grime set was met with around 5 tracks, and an album showcase. High points were mostly on the album tracks. But al that was probably because they had just landed from a big set at 333.

Skinnyman did a good range of tracks and finished off spitting over bashment, the freestlying was too much for people standing next to me, I almost got brushed aside, but that’s not me. Skinny did a couple of old ones and then it was time for Faith SFX.

The UK beatbox champ “murked” with his trademark version of Genuwines’ Pony a. I do like the way that Faith reps for the grime crew, the beat boxing is just like a next6 way to bring more dimension to the scene. Make sure you check this guy out at the “urban classic” event on the 16th of February.

Blakey was on point as per usual, with a good selection of UK and US beats and dubs. All in all a mellow night, nothing near the standards of the Run the Road launch parties. Luckily I didn’t pay to get in so I wasn’t that disappointed, the crowd didn’t seem to mind the regular mosh pit at the front and middle of the room was in full effect.

Out of ten… 6.4 so round that up blud.

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