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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Onefourz - Royal Mess Freestyle [S-StarTV]

One4One Aka Onefourz is a talented MC From the streets of West London. formerly part of underworld and Black ops. He is currently not part of any crew but is a part of a collective called D.B Entertainment.

In 2007 Onefourz released his first C.d which was entitled"3x47, You Do Da Maths" which he managed to circulate around West and Northwest London through self promotion.

In 2008 he worked with producer Terror Danjah and did a version of one of Terror's Freestyle beats which was entitled "Radar" “ also “not One Bit" And "Lets Go OnefourOne" (Which has a remix version alongside Dream Mclean, Maxsta and Tinie Temper). Shortly after he was than introduced to another artist who Terror was also working with called Mz Bratt and started to do some work with her also. He did a reply track to Mz Bratts hit single "Who Do You Think You Are" and also featured on Channel 4's Big brother’s Big Mouth show alongside Mz Bratt.

Onefourz has also appeared on many of the established radio stations such as; 1xtra (Tim Westwood show) Kiss fm (Dj Logan Sama show) and BBC Asian Network (Dj Limelight and Kande Man).

Since then Onefourz has worked on his official promo which is entitled "Great Minds Think Like Mine" which was hosted by Asqueezy from channel aka and Dj Vectra, his most recent c.d is entitled “OneFour the roadz” with a variety of features on that one as well. To download any of One4Ones latest C.D’s or watch any of his latest videos you can catch them all on his blog website which is or to listen to any of his latest material you can go to

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