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Saturday, 16 July 2011


I had an eye/ear on a fella called Scarz since I came across a post that mentioned music of the Rap type that crossed genres. Time passed and came - then I came across a remix of Giggs "look what the cat dragged in" - Scarz leading the track with Giggs blessing the rest of the beat.

it was tidy.

then I got sent this > Download Link:

TheFourthKind have definetly got a good mix of genres my ears picked up mainly on the UK hip-hop and Rock. Breaking The Habit, Is highlyexperimental step towards a new fresh sound. So if you are not into tight production across various genres, step away. Now.

Tracks to check... Dessy Gang, Robbery, and Alliance. And FOR THE LADIES "Hotel"
Please feel free to Download.

With combined views that total over 30,000 I am sure there should be more in the pipeline from these guys very soon.

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