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Monday, 21 March 2011

Skepta is "Doin it right" BY Team CAN FLY

Skepta released Doin' It Again on the 31st January with some excellent singles with impressive features like Preeya Kalidas, and P Diddy to name a few. Doin it Again spent 3 weeks in the top 100 album charts and debuted and peaked at number 19 on its first week of release. This year is just following the success that the end of 2010 bought Mr Adenuga, so what’s hot with Skepta right now??

WELL WELL WELL its seems that Skeptas latest released video, for his song “All over the house” is the talk of the town, or twitter at the very least. The video is staring a lady who goes by the name Paris Rocks and if you have not heard of her before now, she is a UK based porn star and to quote Paris herself 'I'm a professional cock sucker and ALWAYS finish with a facial!', now before you get all excited like me and think Skepta plays the male role, let me just tell you now sadly he stays fully clothed throughout the video, and the male role is played by Sensi. I loved ‘’All over the house’’ as soon as i heard the song, and I think he done the song justice with this video. The song talks about a sexual encounter with Skepta and his partner, where ‘They had sex all of the house’


So Ipretty much doubt this video meets watershed requirements and I doubt any music station will play the video, as it is not just naked bodies, this is full blown sexual intercourse and cunnilingus. So why did Skepta do it....?

One can speculate that he wanted a buzz around his name and the song, maybe he just wanted to help out Paris Rocks, but there is one question I want answered. Skepta has spoken in the past about his mother having an active interest in his music, I’d love to know what her thoughts on the video are, infact I wonder what Jamie, Julie, Jason and Mr Adenuga all think.

For her role in the video the female porn star has received a barrage of abuse via her Twitter account - @Parisrocksxxx. She expressed her frustration in one tweet claiming she didnt know how people dealt with all the haters on the social networking site.

Most people who had something negative to say on Twitter did not mention anything about her male co-host, Sensi, which comes as no surprise to me, after all our society is fuelled with double standards.

Also many of the abusive tweets were coming from females themselves, one said ‘that Paris Rocks is a right slut’.

So a man features in a porno and no one batters an eyelid, whilst the woman who features gets called a hoe, slut, and publicly ridiculed for what is just a day’s work in her chosen profession.

I’m not judging Paris for her chosen line of work and no one else has the right to, its her choice and it was an act that took place between two consenting adults, might I also add that it was a safe sex act at that.

Now shout out to those females quick to judge another, when behind closed doors you’re indulging in un-protected sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes your way - so really who’s the hoe now?

Buy Skeptas album here: “Doing it again”


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