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Saturday, 19 December 2009

they let him out again.....

Pooop Idol kind of floped over here, probably one of the reasons that X-crap-tor and Rage are all the hype right now! NO need to ge drawn into that debate now...

State side Poop idol went gold platinum and then space dust.... now Simon Fuller (19 Entertainment) is set to evolve the reality tv sideof music all over again...

The new ish is called I can dream, it is the usualslice of realit tv come artist trying to break the industry...... HOWEVVVER as always with Fuller there is a twist. The show will operate on a 24/7 cycle; online streaming will be constant, and the show will launch across platforms, including TV, radio and mobile handsets.

You can use twitter and MYSPACE... (hmmm didnt myspace just relaunch? funny that).

lastly - heres a direct quote from the man himself.....

“The next frontier is the video world of authentic real time interaction. If I Can Dream experiments with technology to provide for the first time a complete open door opportunity that allows the viewer to experience reality in a way never before attempted. It is time the public got to see the truth behind what it takes to launch the careers of young artists.”

It should be MORE exciting than his quote.

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