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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Vevo, Hulu and the 4 majors move to change online video streams

Hulu is Chinese for vessel a new video provision website mainly for big broadcast sites... EmI just signed a deal to move in on the music side of things. BUT this is only open to US useers... (boooo). Artists such as Norah Jones will have pages dedicated to their music, videos, and have stuff like interviews as well.

Another new alternative is the Vevo site. Vevo is music, video you.. according to the website. Guess who is in bed together on this one?? Only Youtube and its family member Google, as well as Sony and Universal...the project looks to go live on the 8th of december with rivals such as Vimeo gaining ground it looks like Google is trying to work out a next step for the arguement that kicked off with copyright and user generated content. As a result there is no user generated content on the Vevo site at all..

So the only Major who has not drawn new alliances is Warner, and we all know what happened with Warner and Youtube a few months back when they pulled loads of content off the Youtube portal. (big up PRS). That situation pretty much sorted its self out when Warner got the paycheck from advertising content all over Youtube. Im sure the plot will continue to thicken, stay tuned.

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