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Saturday, 18 February 2006

kano at astoria


from "get set - 679 recordings"

When news of Kano’s concert being cancelled reached the street level immediately there were parallels drawn between the way in which So Solid were locked down in their hey day. The surprise, which was most peoples reaction was due to the fact that Kano has never been at the center of a public scandal of the same nature of those from So Solid.

At the beginning of the performance Kano did talk about the previous concert that did not happen and sounded hurt at the cancellation, he also mentioned the significance of the night. As he was not being paid it was “all love”.

Nevertheless Kano returned with a next date early this month to give the fan what they had been waiting for. The venue was London Astoria, a significant venue for many reasons. The night proved that the scene has lot riding for it and that it can be the forefront a musical revolution. The crowd was very mixed and was probably what Kano has become used to after doing a nationwide tour.

Kano performed a good few tracks from the album “home sweet home”, those who are familiar will know Ps and Qs, typical me and the current track, brown eyes. Then the usual stage show ensued, with a performance from former members of his old crew in the style of a dj set from sidewinder. It seemed some of the crowd was not familiar with this format, in my opinion this is the most important part of being a UK artist: staying true to your roots, the same ethos held Hip Hop legends that made their scene what it is today.

Unfortunately the night seemed half finished when the curtains were called at 9.30. I feel this was not what the crowd were looking for and that particular move made the “concert” seem as if it was not on a par with other shows.

p.s. watch out for

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