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Tuesday, 26 July 2005

calling writers, journalists, opinions and FIP's

The idea goes like this>

We are launching a dvd magazine but after doing some research it seems like the market is not ready for it, so we have to wait a few months. In the meanwhile we want to get the brand name out in the open as a magazine. This mag is going to be the standard online type but it will be like a marketing tool and a product testing ground so that when we launch the DVD mag we get it right.

With the online mag we can play about with format, colours, content etc. until we get a style that we can run with and that people are familiar with.

The only problem is that we need written articles, we have an abundance of audio and video, but we have not enough written articles. And the ones we have are all very similar; we wanted to increase the range of subject matter to make the mag more eclectic.

There are no constraints except that
1. The article must be 1000 or less words

2. Must be submitted in word format

3. And must fit into one of the categories

· Culture and politics

· Music

· Fashion

· Art

· Film

Your articles will be paired up with photos such as the ones above which will be submitted by guest photographers to make a complete article or in some case film if it is appropriate. Your work we have an approval period before it goes live.

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